1997 Saturn SL from North America


All in All a two thumbs up for my little car!


Serpentine belt and tensioner (which was probably a scheduled maintenance item at that mileage) 50,000 miles.

Disk brake pads replaced at 50,000 miles. Rear shoes need replaced.

Temperature sensor replaced at 50,000 miles.

General Comments:

I have had very little problems with this car. Most of the problems listed in "things gone wrong", I would consider scheduled maintenance items. With the possible exception of the temperature sensor. It does run at just below halfway on the temperature indicator, but I have never had any overheating. This may be a normal operating temperature for this car. The power of the engine is more than sufficient for a 4 cylinder car. I drive highway every day with no problems with merge power. I have had this car to the mountains several times, It eats them up. The gas mileage is the best thing. With gas prices high, it has been wonderful to have such an economical car to drive. I would estimate my gas mileage at between 28 and 31 miles per gallon. I love the fold down seats in the back for hauling. I recently moved and it came in handy to have the extra room. The noise at start up takes a while to get used to. I live in a cold climate and this car has a lot of plastic, I think this is normal for such a design. The plastic body panels make good sense for northern climates were salt is used extensively in the winter. This makes for no rust on the typical rusted out wheel wells. The interior is not finished out like a luxury car, but I didn't pay luxury car prices either.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2003

1997 Saturn SL 1.9L from North America


Best GM car that I have owned


Horn - 24000 miles.

Idler pulley - 20000 miles.

Leaking transmission shifting cover - 32000 miles.

Drivers visor not staying in place - 10000.

Passenger rear door seal coming off - 22000 miles.

Fuel pump - 38000 miles.

All the above covered under warranty.

Tensioner pulley - 45000 miles.

Battery - 89000 miles.

Coolant temp. sensor - 112000 miles.

Front O2 sensor - 112000 miles.

Ignition wires - 112000 miles.

Serpentine belt - 112000 miles.

Brake pads and tires at normal intervals.

General Comments:

Oil consumption at 1 quart/3000 miles.

Service engine soon light - P0420 error code-catalytic efficiency threshold below normal limits.

This is a General Motors car - the best one that I have owned yet.

I have owned better cars.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2003

1997 Saturn SL SL2 1.9L Twin Cam 4 Cylinder from North America


Only problems thus far have been overheating problems. I am new with cars, but I got the thermostat and radiator fixed and it seems to do better. I am still uncomftorable, however, with driving the car with the coolant temperature at around halfway up.

General Comments:

I love my Saturn. I personally think it has quite a bit more pickup than people give it credit for. Especially with performance mode on. It is a 4-Cylinder, I know, but I can merge on to highways at 80mph. I think that's more than enough acceleration than you need.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2003

1997 Saturn SL SL2 1.9 Twin Cam from North America


A money saving rocket!


So far nothing mechanical has gone wrong with this car. The only thing that I personally would complain about would be the "rattly" sounds the interior gives out all the time. Along with some odd engine noise that happens when the car is warming up. (I still can't figure out the cause of this noise) But neither of these sounds are big enough to run by the dealer about.

General Comments:

This car is the complete package. The car has adequate head and legroom, trunk space to fit me and my buddies' golf clubs and on long drives the seats are very comfortable.

Performance wise, this car flies! For a four cylinder this car has more than enough power to show off to the guys or gals.

Another plus would have to be the gas mileage. I basically never have to buy the stuff. 30 mpg easy!

Overall this is a great car that will do anything that a civic will do only it costs a whole heap less and also looks original.



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Review Date: 26th May, 2003