1997 Saturn SL 2.4 twin cam from North America


My Saturn, my car, my problem!


5 new tires needed in the first year.

Bolts holding rear axle sheared causing tire mounts to buckle.

Structural fault in windshield design, have replaced 5 windshield in 5 years.

All motors in electric windows have ceased to work.

Moon roof leaked several times flooding interior of car, dealership's solution was to remove the fuse to the moonroof and no longer use it.

Engine mounts collapsed.

Brake disks pitted and rusted after 36,000 miles, needed replacement.

Service engine light is constantly on, no detectable problems.

Lots of oil added frequently.

Coolant fluid seems to be mysteriously evaporating.

It rides like an all terrain vehicle, even on smooth surfaces.

Country music blew out 4 factory speakers.

General Comments:

The car drives like a tank, sounds like a tank, but I doubt a tank would require this much repair.

I wouldn't even give this car away in fear of it tarnishing MY name!!!

Don't waste money, effort, or most importantly your time on these cars or this company.

I agree with the previous statements about the customer service. The pneumatic devices must be used to fill the employees with air instead of the tools.

You come into customer service with a problem and leave with a headache and a multiple problems.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2003

2nd May 2003, 12:34

Right on, correct and to the point.

2nd Aug 2003, 13:20

There is no question that these are deliberate falsehoods, or the result of poor maintenance on the part of the "owner." This car is the first new car I've ever owned, and other than routine maintenance, and a faulty dome light, it has been flawless. It has over 75,000 miles on it. I have had at least three 20-year old used cars that had far fewer problems than the reviewer had.

1997 Saturn SL SL2 1.9 Twin Cam from North America


A good and quick little car


There are very few things that have gone wrong with my Saturn. The dealer replaced the fuel pump for free, as part of a Saturn campaign. The only other problem with it, is that the key will get stuck in the ignition when you try to get it out. It has been like this sense about 40,000 miles. When I took it to the dealer, he said that they had had many complaints about that, but it wasn't a recall. I plan to keep my Saturn until it won't run any more.

General Comments:

All and all this is a very nice small car. I would recommend to a small family. This car is very reliable.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2003

1997 Saturn SL SL2 1.9 DOHC from North America


Good performance for the price


The transmission went out at 59,000 miles, which was covered by warranty.

The throttle became sticky after about 70,000 miles. I removed the throttle body and cleaned it. This solved the problem.

Routine replacements such as belt, transmission fluid, oil, spark plugs, and air filter have been done by me. No unusual wear found.

General Comments:

My largest complaint is that there is little leg room. I am average height, 5'10". I find it uncomfortable during long rides, both in the passenger and driver's side. The wheel well inhibits your foot placement, causing you to turn your foot to the side.

There is a fair amount of body roll during cornering, but this can be expected with an economy car.

The engine has a lot of power, considering the mileage and price of this vehicle.

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Review Date: 25th February, 2003

1997 Saturn SL SL2 1.9 DOHC from North America


A sports-like car for a great price


The Alternator went a few months ago, so I replaced that and the battery.

Theres a leaky front left strut, but I haven't got it fixed yet.

General Comments:

Too many people underestimate the power of a Saturn. I've put a lot of work into it for performance and show. Wing, neons, system, car alarm.

It's a very good car and will last you long. Don't let anyone tell you its not a good car, because when it comes to hp, the 130-hp engine is able to race many cars out there.

The interior has a granny Grey coloring to it, but the dash looks sweet in its glossy black.

Theres no center console so the only thing you have to rest your arms on are the shifter and the window.

The car sits low to the ground, so you might have a hard time finding people in blind spots.

The handling isn't the greatest of all cars, but consider the size and weight of it, it all evens out. Taking turns isn't too bad, but keep your eyes open for other cars on the road as you might have to cross the median at high speeds.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2002

11th Mar 2003, 14:22

This sounds just like my 97 SL1. Alternator and battery went. Left front strut leaks, haven't replaced yet. Did a wing, neons, stereo. Around the same mileage too. Same interior look as well. The only thing I don't like about it is that theres no center console to rest my arm, so its either on the shifter or the wheel (when other arm is on door). Hope it runs great and lasts long.

19th Aug 2004, 17:17

I know a lot of people love their Saturn's, but mine has been nothing, but a nightmare. I have a 1997 Saturn SL-2 that I bought in 2000. It has 70,000 miles on it now and over 14 pages worth of work orders in size 6 font. I have a serious electrical problem that has shorted out my radio, horn, interior light and hazard lights. I've replaced so many parts I couldn't even list them here and the car has been broken down more often than it has been running. The problems started within the first 2 weeks that I had bought the car and I blame my own stupidity for keeping it in the first place. Please don't make the same mistake! My very first sign was that I had atleast 3 obvious things wrong with the car that were supposedly covered in Saturn's 101 inspection plan within the first month. I advise you to be very careful in selecting your Saturn and definitely spend the money on the extended warranty.