28th Aug 2003, 13:52

I was curious as to how removing the fuse for the moon roof stopped it from leaking? Also I do own a SL2, manual transmission and I love it. I find it hard to believe that all of your mishaps were the cars fault. Did you do regular maintenance?

19th Nov 2003, 10:21

I see this comment/question all the time. "Did you do maintenance?" It is irritating, because how is maintenance going to prevent things like leaks, the windshield and power windows failing, the axle bolt breaking, the speakers blowing, and coolant disappearing? Maintenance basically keeps the engine from blowing up before its time. Assuming he's writing an honest review, all these other annoying faults with the car are obviously not the driver's fault!

2nd Jan 2004, 13:15

It is unfair to call the poster a liar or irresponsible because he obviously got a lemon. I have a 1997 Saturn SL2 that has had a couple of problems here and there, but nothing like what this poor fellow has had. That doesn't mean I don't believe him; even the best manufacturers can produce an inferior product from time to time. Just be thankful, fellow posters, that your car was not one of those lemons!

And right on about the speakers blowing; mine have all blown too.

27th Feb 2004, 08:25

I bought my 1997 Saturn used. It had 70,542 miles. I have had it about 1 year now. The transmission makes a funny sound going from first gear to second gear. My moon roofstopped working because of a fuse.{Big Expense}And Yes, I need to regularly add oil. Other than that I love this car. The person with the hydroplane problem may need to use different tires. I have no such problem. Yes, my back electric windows to not work.

{Too bad, Heat in the winter and Air conditioning in the summer.}And the best testing ground for any car I have found is NYC. Which I drive in everyday.

Totally Happy!!!

27th Feb 2004, 17:13

Best testing ground for a car is south central Canada. Winnipeg Manitoba has yearly extremes of +40 to -50 celsius or 100 to -55 F.

We have the greatest temperature range of any city also we have great rural area with gravel roads a car will show its true colours when driving over potholes at -40 or sitting in traffic at 90 F. New York is far to mild too really test a car.

24th Jul 2005, 23:35

I don't think he meant temperature wise. Overall, NYC is as hostile as you can get: Heavy/slow traffic, huge potholes, banged into by other cars, road debris, vandalism, theft, etc. It is a totally nasty place to drive and own a car.