1998 Saturn SL 2 from North America


The best car I've ever heard of!


Cracked radiator, 2013.

Starter wouldn't fire when hot, 2013.

Tranny repair, 2007.

Broke the gear shift, 2009.

Headlining ripped and worn, 2006.

Dead batteries, several.

New battery cables, 2013.

Brakes, 2006, 2013.

General Comments:

The best car I've ever known, not only driven but have known, as in my little car beats anyone's car I know. Yeah, she's old, and last year my neighbor hit her fender, which I didn't repair, but I don't care what she looks like when people are paying $80-$100 to fill their tanks with gas!?!? It costs me less then that in a month, and I drive her regularly! Being a manual transmission helps with that! And has saved my brakes! I've only changed my brake pads twice, yup, I said TWICE since I bought her!

I did for a few years have issues with dying batteries, but it was happening to all my electronics?!?!

I drive her like a race car when I need to. The pick up and go is awesome! Obviously being a manual I control that, rather than waiting for the machine to do it for me. I feel like I'm driving the car not, just riding in it.

I consider it roomy, but my 6'4" husband's knees mash against the dash even with the seat put all the way back. And that includes the driver's seat. He can't move his legs enough to operate the clutch, brake, or gas pedals! Which is actually a plus to me!

I must admit I've been horrible about maintenance as a young single mom; once a mechanic actually asked me how I got her to the shop, and couldn't believe I drove her there.... Apparently there was no oil and the spark plugs were so covered in oil (or something like that) that he couldn't believe she even started. I replied "she loves me, and takes care of me". I am better at maintenance now, and even replaced the starter, radiator, front brake pads, and the thermostat myself!

And the dent proof body!?!? What can I say? Once a man took a running kick at my driver's side door, it popped in, and then it popped right back out. He was so furious, he tried it 3 more times, before he gave up!

Considering how old she is, repairs are going to come up. I never understood why some people think they need to buy a new car when this happens? The cost of repairing this old gal is minuscule compared to a car payment. My husband is one of those people. Anytime something goes wrong he tells me, your car's starting to fall apart, time to get another one, A BETTER ONE! Better how? Better like no car payment? Better on gas mileage? Better maintenance costs? Better reliability? Ah ha! Better looking!

Every mechanic that's ever worked on this car has always said, that's a strong engine you got there, this little car will go 300,000 miles EASY!

I'm actually afraid of getting another car; I see others deal with high maintenance costs for their shiny computer operated electrical everything vehicles. I like that this Saturn is a simple machine; something needs fixing I can fix it, and my hands are small enough to get in there. I actually think Saturn designed everything under the hood so that it would be more difficult. Like where the starter is! All the instructions said I had to remove something else to get to it, but I crawled under and got my hands up in there...

Although I know I truly lucked out with this particular vehicle, as I've had far less issues than anyone I know, no matter what brand of car they drive, ESPECIALLY with my lack of regular maintenance.

I truly feel like Saturn was a different kind of car company when it was working outside of GM's rule in its own factory in Spring Hill Tn, and they were better cars than what became of them when they had to share GM's platform, engine and were built at the GM factory.

As you can tell, I'm IN LOVE with my Saturn, she's part of my family and I can only attribute her greatness to Saturn Corp.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2014

1998 Saturn SL from North America


An okay disposable car, if maintained


Replaced battery twice.

Broken starter replaced.

Engine leak in spark plug hole.

Locked stereo.

Broken sun roof.

Broken AC.

General Comments:

I've been driving this car for almost 4 years.

The stereo locked within the first month, and without the code, I have been unable to drive with music since.

The AC has never blown cool air.

I've gone through 2 batteries, and the starter had to be replaced once.

All and all, considering the amount of abuse this car has put up with, I'd say it's doing alright.

It won't get you anywhere in style, but if you're one for preventative maintenance, it'll most likely get you from A to B for a decent amount of time.

I've also experienced the "slamming" problem while shifting the car in reverse.

And my latest issue, is a rough change in gears.

The mechanics I've taken it to say there is nothing wrong. But after driving this thing every day for 4 years, I know it's only a matter of time before I'm stranded on the side of the road.

Best advice I can give to anyone with this car is, MAINTAIN IT, and, get roadside assistance.

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Review Date: 11th December, 2010