6th Oct 2003, 12:48

Hrm, odd. I have the exact same car, and have had just about zero problems in 112,000 miles so far. Besides normal stuff (brakes, new battery, etc), it has run pretty close to flawlessly.

The engine is rather loud when you accelerate, that's a given, but is generally quiet once you get up to speed. My suspension has held up amazing considering the amount of torture I have put my car through. I am not kind to my cars suspension, but it has held up REALLY well considering.

I change my oil when needed, and keep my fluids topped off, and I generally don't have to worry about much. I had to get the car towed once, when the alternator died, but it wasn't a faulty alternator, I hit a bump that knocked a wire loose and caused a short.

Overall I've had no complaints about my car. Lately I've been looking at new cars just because of all the hell I've put my suspension through is finally coming back to haunt me. (Saturns were not meant for going fast on shoddy dirt roads, farm fields, or getting somewhat airborne off of railroad crossings).

11th Jul 2004, 10:17

Anyone reading these reviews should take them with "a grain of salt." Who's most likely to write?.. Either those ecstatically happy with their vehicles or those who hate them. I purchased my "used" Saturn SL 1 in 2002 with 140,000 miles on it. I was of the opposite opinion of many when it comes to "high mileage" vehicles. Seems to me, if it has that many miles on it, it served someone very well! The car now has 170,000 miles on it and it runs PERFECTLY. It has never left me stranded. But for needing a new clutch shortly after purchase, I've done nothing other than change the oil every 3,000 miles and a new air filter every year. AND?.. yep, spark plugs... They may tell you that the plugs last forever these days, but, I find that both my gas mileage increases and performance increases significantly after changing the plugs on an annual basis... and?.. for $8.00... it makes sense to me.

Oh, by the way, yes, like EVERYONE ELSE who owns a Saturn, my car "uses" about a quart of oil every 900 (or so) miles... and?.. highway mileage is fantastic... I used to drive from new jersey to toronto every month, and would "average" 39 mpg doing speeds of 75 mph... * (on the new york thruway)... seriously, I LOVE my saturn and would replace it in a heartbeat!...

19th Dec 2004, 18:47

Unfortunately, I too own a Saturn (95). It only has 60,000 miles (since it is being fixed most of the time) and since it's reached 30,000 miles has had four (soon to be five) alternators. As I read your review I was laughing my head off because it reads much like my many predicaments. I could go on longer than you about the problems I have had, but it would take pages and pages. Needless to say, it is barely running (while my '72 Toyota runs fabulously) and is in constant need of replacements and fluids (it eats oil worse than any car I have ever owned).

By the way, when it runs, the dash shakes so hard it sounds like it is about to bounce into my lap. I will NEVER EVER make the mistake of buying a Saturn as long as I live. From this point on it is purely foreign cars for me.

21st Dec 2004, 12:56

I have owned my Saturn for three years now, and up till now I have only had to replace my battery and change and add oil. it eats oil like crazy. initially it only took one quartt every two fill ups, but recently it needs two quarts every fill up. the mechanic cannot find a leak, but it must have one. I can't imagine a car burning that much oil.

Overall this car has been pretty good, but recently it is falling apart. it has just under 140,000 miles, and everything electronic is breaking. the alternator has died, the starter has gone out, the a/c died, the dome light works when it chooses, and the seat belts (annoying automatic seat belts) no longer work.

Every Saturn owner I know has said there are a bunch of rattles. I think I have identified seven different rattles in the dash, and other interior parts. rattles don't hurt the car, but it is odd. there have not been major problems with it, but it is all adding up right now.

I don't know that I would buy another Saturn.

18th Jan 2006, 19:52

I am adding to my original post titled "Avoid Saturn."

August of 2005, my wife and son went to visit our other boy about 150 miles distant.

They stopped 40 miles from home to get some soda and when they came back out and started that miserable junker, it threw a rod cap and committed its last act of terror.

The block is windowed and the odometer reads 57,765 miles.

That car had a much easier life than any of the several Fiats I owned (which I flogged) over three decades and Saturn paid me back with nothing but misery.

Our 2002 Subaru Outback in 49,000 miles: I've had to replace wiper blades and I dumped the original plugs for Bosch Platinum.

Otherwise it has been fluid changes and nothing else.

We live in hilly country, often driving in mud and currently in snow, where even the trumpeted Saturn traction control was useless.

I will never risk another American car and for the poster who wanted to remind me of who is watching my back, I can only say I'm glad it isn't General Motors.

20th Jul 2006, 06:24

I bought the very same Saturn just last year at a dealer in Glendale, and to say the least, I love my Saturn.

To say the least, she has been a great car for me. When I got her, she had 130,000 miles, and I am glad to say that almost two years later, she is still running great with 166,000 miles.

As far as the brake discs and the spark plug wires, what can I say, things wear out. Take apart a spark plug wire to see what is wrong with it, and fix it.

Oh, and the transmission issues that you are talking about - a simple fix, $800, a valve body is like any other part of a car, no matter what you do, it is going to wear out at some time or another.

2nd Aug 2006, 15:29

I own a 1996 Saturn SL-2 (bought it used during the latter half of 1996 with 10K miles on it). I have been very pleased with this car over the years. It was my primary vehicle from 1996 to 2003, during which time it logged approximately 250,000 miles! The car still runs great, although it has an appetite for added oil every so often. The car is now the secondary family car and is driven a couple times per week... the odometer is about to turn over to 260,000. Never any major problems with it, other than a faulty emissions thingey that I had to replace several years ago. My Saturn experience has been a good one and I will probably buy another one in the future, if they come out with a hybrid gas/electric version. Currently I drive a Honda Civic Hybrid and have gotten spoiled from getting 600+ miles from one tank of gas (avg 41-42 MPG).