4th Sep 2002, 12:50

I have a 95 Saturn SL1 and it has 161,000 miles at this time. The only complaint I have is the rain leaking in on my head when driving. I replaced the stock radio and to date have had 4 generators, 1 isolation mount, numerous brake changes, and currently on my 4th set of tires. I need to update the interior. I am a mechanic and do all of the mechanical work myself and I estimate that I have saved over 3000 dollars doing it this way.

9th Dec 2003, 05:04

I am buying a 95 Saturn SL1 from a used car dealership and when I bought it I was told the only problem with it was that it needed a new muffler. I found someone who would put the muffler on it for me for free, however I have also had to put new brake pads on it and new rotter's, and new windshield wipers. I have had the car for not even a week. Plus now on my way to work at 6:15 in the morning at a new job that promises more money then I though imaginable, my car started stopping and dieing when I put it into 1st gear or neutral. I have had up to my tail end with used car dealerships, but what can ya do? when you have no money, you are 19 years old, no credit, and just getting your life started. Used Car Dealerships are major rip off's. I would think that Uncle Sam would want to treat us better.

23rd Jul 2005, 21:24

I thought the acceleration of my 95 SL1 automatic was barely adequate. Once it was up to speed, it was OK, but sometimes I had to floor it just to keep up with city traffic.

I could never the get windshield completely free from condensation in hot, humid areas. The TV commercial back then would brag that the Saturn was extensively tested in different humidities and temperatures: "What would happen to a Saturn if it were in the Amazon jungle?" Couldn't recommend it.

My Saturn stopped working at 30K miles. Engines was all gummed up, never found out the cause. Saturn also refused to honor the warranty since I was not in the continental United States.

I would not buy another Saturn, and especially not the SL series.