24th Feb 2003, 19:52

Living in NW Iowa without a Saturn dealer close by, when something goes wrong you do have to pay the price at the local parts store, however that isn't a regular problem. I have a 1994 Saturn SL2 that I love, it is extremely dependable, gets great gas mileage and has smooth lines that still make it look good in 2003. I give it 2 thumbs up!

3rd Apr 2003, 14:07

I have a 1994 saturn and got it for $800, with 100,000 miles on it. is this cheap, or this is what they are worth? they are alright cars, but I don't like how it shifts, and also for the first time my starter went out. I have a system on it and it slowly messed up my alternator. I called pep boys and they said I had to buy a new starter which is like 160 dollars. after I graduate from college I'm going to throw away this saturn in the trash.

11th Aug 2003, 12:46

Saw your picture at Saturn today. Was the only one up there! They must of thought you were a famous ball player or a movie star. One thing I can't figure out about these cars is, why do they have black paint in all the hidden areas? Door jambs are black, under the hood and trunk lid, black, etc. It looks cheap. If you manufacture a new car and paint it light blue it should be light blue all over, not black! Were they all black at one time and the color added later? Good luck with the plastic radiator end caps. They're good for about 140,000 miles and then you should get a new radiator installed. Other wise you'll be buying a new engine later. My experience was with a 1993 Twin Cam. Another thing: Why is there no model name? Even the original owners manual just says 1993 Saturn on it. There is no logo except "Twin Cam" and that's on the rear portion of the vehicle. This car has no model name. We just call it a 1993 2-Door Saturn with no model name.

2nd May 2004, 04:38

I live in Moravia, New York, Near Syracuse

I own a 1994 Saturn SL1 With automatic Transmission, Cruise control overdrive switch and traction control. I bought My Saturn Used in Feb of 2002, at the time it had 145000 miles on the odometer. This car has been a blessing ever since then. It gets great gas mileage and repairs have been almost nonexistent. I change the oil every 2000 to 3000 miles depending on driving conditions. I have been saving the money that it would cost me to drive another car ie. gas maintenance repairs etc. and have recently decided to customize my Saturn. I have upgraded my rims to 16" Primax series2 racing rims with Fate 205 50 R 16 tires.

I have also put a JVC stereo in it, upgraded the stock speakers to alpine Component for back deck and alpine coaxial in front. I beefed up the Electrical system with an aftermarket 150 amp alternator, so that I could power my 2 amplifiers that are mounted on the backs of the flip down seats, paired with Powercaps. My amps are a Rockford Fosgate 1200 Watt For my 3 subwoffers located in the trunk witch are also Rockford Fosgate 8" 10" and 12" side by side. The other Amp is a Rockford Fosgate 302 which pushes out 600 whats to my speakers in the back deck and front Doors.

I have also added a neon ground effects kit and neon lights on the interior. I have strobe lights in my headlights and an LED tracer on the dash all operated by switch. All of my lights are blue.

I have also added an alarm system to protect my car from theft, because this car demands attention at 147 decibels internal sound pressure with a glow of blue light from everywhere. The only drawback was that I had to take all the plastic body panels on the trunk off the car and undercoat them with Dynamat to stop the trunk from rattling.

My Saturn now has 220000 Miles on it, and is still running strong. If I had to drop a new Engine or transmission into it due to some unforeseen occurrence it would be worth it, since I still have quite a bit of money left for my car's Allowance. I will drive this car until it falls apart, and can no longer can be fixed;if things keep going the way they have. I will keep adding doodads also until I run out of ideas.

15th May 2004, 01:44

I Have a 92 Saturn that I completely love... Only got it for $500 at the dealership. It has 190,000 miles on it and it has always ran great. Well, except for my findings of hydraulic clutch fluid, ha ha. But tonight I was leaving for work and it wouldn't start... I turned the key and got a spinning noise, but wouldn't fire up. I think that it may be the starter, but I don't really know. I also don't want to pay too much to get it fixed, so can anyone tell me if I'm even close, or do I have to break the bank.

Thanks!! Pebbles.

15th May 2004, 15:54

I'm a mechanic, and I would say that your starter drive has a problem. The cheapest way to fix it is to take the starter to a re-builder and have them through a new drive in it. Good luck,!!!Nice cars!!!

8th Jul 2004, 20:50

Just bought a Saturn SL2 Twin Cam today. It's my 1st car and I got it for only 1g. Any advice?

13th Jul 2004, 09:44

I had a 94' Saturn SL2 twin cam given to me. I've been around cars all of my life, I was pretty much raised in a body shop. That car is the most reliable car I've ever owned. I have a 85 Dodge Ram with a 318, and that little SL2 IS A WHOLE LOT MORE RELIABLE. I find it quite amazing how some people put them down. As far as speed trust me there are products out there for performance tunning. :)

25th Jul 2004, 19:10

I just bought my 94 saturn twin cam. I don't know what model it is for it does not say it anywhere on the car.

Also does anyone sell body kits for these things?

1st Sep 2004, 13:17

I have a 94 Saturn SL2 manual trans and I love it. The only problem I have encountered in the last 6 months is needing an engine mount. But that is the breaks when you purchase a used vehicle. It was not expensive to repair, actually the labor was more than the part. I have a small problem tho. My service engine light came on for no apparent reason today. Has anyone else had this problem?

16th Oct 2004, 09:14

I've had my 1994 Saturn SL1 for about five years now. It's been the most reliable car of any I've owned, and I've owned quite a few. The only time I've had to do extensive maintenance on it was fairly inexpensive, and aside from that one time, I've only had to do minor repairs and regularly scheduled maintenance like oil changes and the like. If you are looking for a car that will keep on going and going, Saturns are a good choice. The only problem is that they do not yet make custom body kits for anything older than a '98 model year, so you have to modify anything you get. That's not too difficult if you know what you're doing. I'm currently working on pimpin' out my Saturn, adding ground effects and what not. I love this car!