17th Dec 2005, 22:34

Yeah replace the thermostat and your fan will kick back in.


18th Jun 2007, 00:48

I have a 93 Saturn SL SOHC that I had bought that had the same problem as others. The fan would not come on when temperature got high. I found that my solution seen to correct my problem. I jumped my ALDL and the fan started to come on. And works properly ever since. Guess the computer needed to be reset. I only had the car a year, but have had no problems with it. Needed minor maintenance when I bought it though. Exhaust, bulbs etc. I only paid $1,000 for it so I expected some expenses. I was so impressed with my fathers 94 SL-1 I had to buy mine. And my wife has a 95 SC-1. I guess you can say that we have become a true Saturn family.

19th Aug 2007, 22:21

Bought a '92 Saturn two years ago after totaling my beloved Jetta. Saturn had 250,000 miles and cost $800. I needed something fast so I took a chance. I just dumped it a week ago and replaced it with a '94 Saturn SL. Not fun to drive and a distinctive cheap feel to it, but it runs, runs, runs...

Can't believe the '92 junker ran for so long. Never failed to start and never stranded me. Great for commuting and short trips-- for more than that I hope to get another VW.

29th Jul 2011, 10:54

Actually: The idler pulley IS available at Autozone, and also Advanced Auto, O'Reilly's, Pep Boys, and several others, as are all of the parts you listed as problematic. The parts are available, and I KNOW this because I work on Saturns all day, every day. I have fixed many many. Autozone always makes good on their promise, as do the others. If it fails, you get another. If they don't have it, they will get it (you will be required to pay before they will order it.) If you have ANY questions, please ask. I would be more than happy to answer any and all who ask. ewebber@troy.edu

9th Sep 2011, 20:49

I bought a 94 Saturn SL1 series in April of 2010. It had 192000 miles on it, but ran great.. at least for the first two weeks. Long story short, I still have the car, and 10000 miles later, have replaced the brakes, alternator, power steering pump, PS hose, both ball joints and control arms, serpentine belt.. and as of now I just found out I need all new struts plus a radiator and a steering rack (also a flexpipe). Oh yeah, it also is burning oil. The car's engine still seems great, but it's everything else that seems to be falling apart. So, I was hoping I can get some opinion's on if it's worth fixing or not.. I'm looking at around 800.00 to get it up to par... best part of this is that I bought the car for 50.00. Email me jnicholo@hotmail.com