28th May 2003, 23:07

Saturns? Got 3 in the family. My 91 is great, 185,000 miles, uses no oil, manual trans no noise. My wifes' 92, uses oil by the case and has since about 60,00 miles. 150 miles per quart, has very low compression on # 2,both real wheel bearings have failed. Has 160,000 miles. Looks like new, will go to the junk yard soon, as it is not worth the price of a replacement engine or the cost of my rebuilding it. My sister has a 94 with 135,000 miles. Has had oil in the cooling system since 35,000, dealer said they would not fix it in warranty, so did Saturn. Uses oil at 225 miles per quart since new, likewise Saturn refused to fix. All three are SOHC engines. Alternators also experience short life on these cars. In speaking with other owners, it appears that my trouble free 91 is a very rare exception.

5th Aug 2004, 15:07

My name is Tina from Essex Jct. Vermont, and I love Saturn!I have a 1993 Saturn. At 192k miles my car still ran strong. I brought the car to Jiffy Lube for an oil change and they put the wrong size oil plug into my car. Twenty minutes down the road the engine seized. They agreed to replace the engine with another engine that had around the mileage as the seized engine. Jiffy Lube & Handy's (the place that fixed the engine) found an engine with 75k miles and put it into my car. I was extremely happy to have my car up and running again. Then about a month and a quarter later; on my way to Manchester, NH; my engine started to tick. I immediately got off the interstate to check my car out; I looked through all the fluids and everything was fine, but the motor was still ticking. I called a friend to pick me up (1 hr. and 40 minutes away). When he arrive and looked at my car; he said that it was in the engine. I was sold a bad engine.

So needless to say, Saturn's are an extremely incredible car. (if people know how to fix the properly.)