13th Mar 2012, 01:42

1998 Saturn Sl1.

Just clicked over 257890, and the service engine soon light just popped on; I wondered if it worked.

This car is amazingly dependable. Runs for hours every day. Tested at Autozone, and it's the rear O2 sensor. Tires last forever, even studded on the front, and the 5 speed shift is perfect.

But I depend on this car, and so do others. So I do follow the rules as far as changing fluids. Uses very little oil between 3000 mile changes Less than a half quart. Original A/C still works pretty good. Never had to add coolant, PS fluid, or trans fluid. Motor stays dry. I use regular oil and filters. Nothing fancy has ever been done.

No dents, no rust. The paint is starting to get a little rough from chasing trucks all day, playing pilot car with it. But I paid $200.00 from a person who said they are disposable cars. I put in $90.00 dollars to fix the front end. I simply grabbed the parts off a junk yard.

I would easily by a SL1 5 speed again. This car I've owned for 4 years, and it's been everywhere. Cross country blizzards, ice storms, and once in Texas doing 80mph, the car quit. It was 120 degrees out. I was 1800 miles from home, and I was like uh oh. AAA towed it 40 miles, and I escorted from the cab of the tow truck. Pulled the car off, and it started up. Decided to head home, and every time the fuel got to 1/4, the car would buck. Filled the tank, and made it home two days later. And replaced the fuel pump with a used pump for 20 dollars, along with the fuel filter, and she runs great again. That was 27,000 miles ago.

I carry an extra alternator with me just in case.

Best car I've ever owned, honestly.

14th Sep 2015, 02:46

Our 98 SL currently has 295,000 miles on it and is going strong. Yes, we have put a clutch in it, yes we have put wheel bearings and an alternator on it, but that has been it! Other than oil & tire changes. Awesome car! If it had cruise control I would have no issues taking it on a road trip; I'm confident it will go anywhere.