2007 Saturn VUE 4 cylinder from North America


Absolutely Fantastic!


The radio does not get the best reception - I had to have the radio replaced and it's still not working properly.

General Comments:

Great car - very comfortable!! Does well on the highway and regular roads. I thought I would have to fill up every week, but so far it's about once every week and a half or so. Handles very well and body style is very easy on the eyes.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2007

10th Jun 2007, 02:54

On a recent trip to Florida, I had the misfortune to hire a Vue for two weeks. It was without doubt the worst handling car I have ever driven. The steering was inaccurate and woolly to the point of being frightening at 70mph on the interstate. The brakes had no feel at all, and did not inspire confidence in the least. The interior was at least roomy, but the driving position seemed offset, and coupled with the awful handling, made a long drive intolerable.

My RAV4 felt like a racing car when I got back into it after driving the awful Vue. I guess it looked OK though...

6th Aug 2007, 15:27

Nothing worse than "woolly steering", whatever the heck that is...

Enjoy your Rav4. We initially considered one, but couldn't get past the cartoonish interior and goofy-looking exterior, especially considering the Rav4's much steeper price as delivered.

17th Apr 2008, 22:15

He's probably talking about the previous generation VUE. It was kind of a dog. The new one is much better.

26th Apr 2008, 08:47

I think that the last poster is right. He was talking about he previous generation Vue. Yes it did have some of those problems. However some last generation Vues could be had with a Honda sourced V6. Doesn't fix steering issues but it does make the car significantly better. The new Vue is luxurious compared to the Rav4 or any of the other offerings in the segment and goes down the road with smooth, powerful comfort. I only test drove one and was really impressed. Too bad the nearest Saturn dealer is 130 miles away.

23rd May 2008, 07:21

The Honda 6 on my 2005 VUE was a great engine, and is one of the main reasons I'm looking at the 2008 VUE, even though Honda is not providing engines any longer.

It didn't handle like a sports car, but it's been responsive and fun to drive for an SUV.

I will miss the large amount of space that the 2005 model had - overall it was a nice combination of size and economy.

2007 Saturn VUE Green Line 2.4 Hybrid from North America


A simple, efficient, and low-cost SUV alternative. Recommended!


Our VUE Green Line is new (2 months, 2400 miles) and has been reliable, as one would expect. It has not yet returned to the dealer or required service. We have noticed that the door locks occasionally don't unlock upon shifting into park, but that is of little consequence.

General Comments:

The VUE is a perfectly sized vehicle for our needs. The back seat is roomy (though a bit low to the floor), and there is ample space behind the rear seat. The clever cargo organizer remains in the GL, and it's equipped to tow up to 1500 lbs. The only downside is the lack of a spare tire.

The Hybrid package (GM's BAS system) is quite simple in design and operation. It operates as you'd expect, with the engine shutting down at stoplights and charging the battery with regenerative braking. It is VERY smooth in its transitions, and with a lack of much hybrid instrumentation, is easy to forget you're driving a hybrid. The design's simplicity is evident in the price tag and the gas mileage, which improves about 20% over a standard VUE automatic. It's actually a very small premium when one considers the additional standard equipment, such as alloy wheels, upgraded exterior trim, and the larger 2.4 liter ecotec engine. It's one of the few hybrids that will likely make a return on your investment over a short amount of time (depending on how much you drive and how long you keep the car, of course).

The "mild" hybrid system results in "mild" improvement in mileage--we get the EPA estimates (27 city, 32 highway) --about 20% better than a standard VUE 4-cylinder automatic. However, the larger ecotec engine in the GL and electric assist provide better performance. It is not, and doesn't intend to be, a Prius or other such sophisticated hybrids. If you buy it intending to get Prius mileage, you'll be disappointed. If you buy it to get great SUV mileage for a low price, you will be delighted.

It drives and handles very well, although the seats lack supporting side bolsters. The ride is very compliant for an SUV, and the electric power steering is actually nice to use. The powertrain is quiet and smooth, and has plenty of zip for most folks. The vehicle will go into charge mode upon coasting, yielding a slightly labored coast--much like a vehicle with a manual transmission. It's easy to get used to, though, and will probably allow for greater brake lining life. The ecotec engine is a good design, and it has a traditional automatic transmission (versus a CVT) that has proven to be very reliable. All hybrid components are covered by an 8 year, 100k mile warranty, adding some peace of mind.

The only improvements I would make would be to redesign the front seat armrests (they are too high for comfort), add grab handles, and reduce wind noise. The car is actually very quiet compared to previous VUE models, but wind noise is noticeable when driving in a crosswind.

The VUE Green Line is a capable, efficient vehicle that is very well designed and built. It won't appeal to everyone, but is an appropriate combination of efficiency, simplicity, and price for the most buyers. I would highly recommend considering it, and I will continue to update this review as the vehicle ages.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2007

5th Oct 2007, 08:15

An update to my review above:

We have nearly 12,000 miles on our GL now and are very happy with it. A few months ago, we had the ignition cylinder lubed because it was sticky, but the dealer was helpful and gave us a loaner overnight even though the repair only took a few minutes (we arrived after the service dept. closed). So far, that's it for any problems.

The mileage is still great--the lowest (2nd tank in the car) was 25.5 and the highest was 33.2. Range is fantastic--over 500 miles on a tank if you're on the highway. Road noise is decent and much better than our last car. The power and "smoothness" of the engine/hybrid system improved dramatically over the break-in period, and it's been smooth as butter since about 3,000 miles.

There is a campaign to install a wiring harness to the hybrid system and update the vehicle's software that was initiated by GM. We haven't had any issues with it, so we'll probably just get it done the next time the car needs a tire rotation. I'll keep updating.