19th Nov 2007, 14:59

Our family has owned Saturns since 1992. They've always been reliable out-performers, until the most recent one...

I took delivery of my 2007 Hybrid Vue on 31 May, 2007. From the first tankful of gas, the mileage has been woefully short of the projections - worst case was 19 and best was 32 on the freeway at 70 mph and no air conditioning. Most recently, I drove the Vue down I-95 in Florida at around 70 and no A/C. Mileage? 28.

Do the math. That's about 3 mpg better than my first Vue would have gotten. At $3 a gallon, it'll take me approximately 233,000 miles to recoup the $3000 premium I paid for the car.

If you live in a climate where air conditioning is not a means of survival in the summer, then this car might be OK.

Saturn is supposed to stand for innovation. Sorry. I don't see it.

20th Nov 2007, 08:02

You got 32 mpg on a car rated (using the old EPA methods) at 32 mpg, and you're dissatisfied? Remember the old adage -- your mileage may vary. If driven in a way to best maximize the GL's hybrid system, it can (and does, in our case) deliver good mileage.

When one considers the extra equipment that comes standard on the GL, the premium is not even close to $3000. This includes traction control, alloy wheels, chrome trim, and more, not to mention the larger ecotec engine and hybrid system. Also, there is a federal tax credit. All together, the premium is very modest and easy to recoup in a very short time -- much shorter than what you calculated.

3rd Nov 2010, 09:15

I own a 2007 Saturn Vue Green line hybrid with 112000 miles on it.

The only complaint I have had is that we have done the wheel bearings twice on each front side and I think they need to be done again! Otherwise it has been a very dependable vehicle for me.

Obviously I do a TON of driving daily and the car gets approx 28 MPG on average. I would like to be getting better mileage and will eventually pass this vehicle onto my kids and upgrade to a vehicle getting better gas mileage.

Otherwise we have done very little. Brakes and new tires at 75K and that's about it.