24th Nov 2008, 16:15

I only wish I had done more research on the Saturn Vue before I got it. I bought a 2002 and I have had nothing but problems, my "service engine" light came on after I pulled out of the lot, I've had an oil leak (twice totaling over 2000 dollars), coolant leak, problems with the key ignition, and now I feel the Vue lose power when I'm changing gears. I'm so afraid of what's going to be wrong with the car now, it's in the service department now checking for the cause of the coolant leak and my stomach is sick waiting to hear how much this is going to cost me now. I bought this car because I wanted to feel safe (I don't). I would never buy another Saturn Vue and would discourage anyone else from doing so!!!

22nd Apr 2009, 06:44

I am in the same boat. My throttle body went out on December 20, 2008. I had it towed to the dealer (I am the original owner), and they told me the part was on national back-order and should be in by the end of January/beginning of February 2009. I rented a car based on this information. When I called the dealer the end of January, they told me the part wouldn't be in until April! I tried the used part route, but was unable to find one (even though there are many posted on the Internet, when you call they say "the last one was just shipped out". I've been calling the Saturn Corporate customer service line, but they no longer seem to be returning my calls. I'm a loyal Saturn owner (since 1993), but have since gone out an purchased a Honda. In the meantime, I've got a non-running vehicle sitting on the dealer's lot for more than 4 months now...