16th Jan 2011, 07:52

My '08 Vue XE has been a basket case. From upper strut mounts to the door handles. From the oxygen sensor to the CD player.

We had problems with a loud 'popping' or 'cracking' noise coming from the lower windshield/front of dash area. The windshield has been replaced numerous times, along with different dashboard components. There have been problems with color-matching of the visible replacement parts. The noise is related to temperature changes. It still occurs.

We have had issues with the door chime and turn signal clicking sounds. Some of these issues, along with others that I don't have room to mention here, are also ongoing.

Within the first year that we had it, the dash had been taken apart and put back together so many times, that I became concerned about its integrity.

We tried going through the BBB to get GM to do a buy-back, but talk about bad timing. - It was right before the bail-out, and it was like pulling teeth! It seemed like every other week, our contact person at GM would suddenly be 're-assigned,' and we'd be pushed on to the next one who took their place. A different voice, but still reading from the same posterior-smooching protocol/contingency plan. It was (and still is) a sickening nightmare. They just wanted to sell us another Vue. Like that was really going to happen! We tried jumping through hoops to see if we could get an Equinox, but apparently, the optimum planetary alignment for such an occurrence to take place was not meant to be. (If I wasn't able to maintain a sense of humor, I'd probably be armed & dangerous!)

Ultimately, GM agreed to extend the warranty and provided a 'courtesy' package that covers our oil changes & tire rotations until the extended warranty expires. Let me tell you - when the warranty runs out on that car, so will we!