2008 Saturn VUE Sport V6 from North America




Turned off the car, but the tail lights would not turn off... battery died, twice. Took it to the dealer, he rewired it through the horn.

Hood would not shut closed completely, took it to the dealer, he fixed it, then it happened again.

Turning radius is NOT tight, like driving an 18 wheeler.

My wife bought this car, it's one of the reasons we are not married anymore... she makes bad choices, like the VUE.

General Comments:

Nothing good to say about the VUE, poor reliability, poor performance, and I think it's an incredibly ugly vehicle.

Purchased a BMW X5... now you're talking reliability baby.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2010

30th Jan 2011, 13:14

I thought the X5 was one of the most unreliable cars out there... haven't you read ANY of the reviews on this site??

2008 Saturn VUE XR 3.6-liter DOHC V6 (257 HP) from North America


Excellent value


No problems with Saturn Vue.

General Comments:

The engineering and build quality of this vehicle is excellent. It's not the most comfortable car I've ever driven. However, it has plenty of power, a smooth ride, it's safety ranking is impressive and there's adequate space/storage for a family of four.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2009

29th Mar 2010, 09:42

I am glad you like your Vue, because the Vue I have is a piece of crap. It is pokey and slow, and does horribly in the snow. I have a 2009, and I got a pretty loaded Vue, but I hate it.

23rd Jul 2011, 14:16

I am looking to buy a 2008 Saturn Vue. I would like to know if I should, or keep away from them?

2008 Saturn VUE from North America


I love the car, but the door problem is a serious concern.


The door handles stick and don't always latch.

General Comments:

The dealership pointed out to me that if you pull the door handle on a slight angle instead of straight out, the handle will stick, keeping the door from latching properly. I have only owned the vehicle for 45 days and the door has not latched 4 times! This is a real problem. It flew open and almost hit another car. Saturn won't admit it's a problem and won't take responsibility for it. I'm seriously disappointed, I love the car and want to keep it, but this problem is a serious risk factor.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2008

17th Apr 2009, 14:15

I too have had the exact problem you described and have been told the same thing. End result is I'm supposed to be getting 4 new Chrome door handles put on my XE model in the near future. Not sure how the finish of the part is going to fix a "engineering" problem, but I really can't complain till I get to that point should it not resolve. The road here has been long and I'm not really ready to type it all out, but it did take the help of the Chicago Tribune to get someone to call me back!