4th Jan 2010, 15:13

I've got a 2002 V6 AWD Vue and a 100,000 mile warranty. All I can say is, that warranty was the best thing I've ever purchased. With 99,100 miles on the car, it's back at the dealer with a rear drive module problem. Last month it was a rear wheel bearing. I've loved this car since I bought it in '02, but it's been one problem after another since then. Maybe having the warranty has taken the sting out of the repairs. That'll soon end though when it expires.

2nd Apr 2010, 21:47

I bought my 03 Saturn Vue in Aug 2003, along with a 60 month maintenance cum extended power train warranty.

It now has 103 thousand miles, and my general experience has been good. I had used the warranty for all dealer scheduled maintenance, and maybe three other problems, each one not serious enough, as in most of the 78 comments that I had browsed through.

Now I seem to be having this lack of power or transmission issue, and I'm going to have it checked in a day or two.

Lucky One in Sugar Land, TX.

12th Apr 2010, 16:55

I own a 2003 Saturn Vue 2.2 with the vti transmission, and if anyone is wondering, the power loss is a problem inside the transmission (that's were the power loss comes from).

I've replaced the brakes in Nov; now they need to be done again.

I also have the loud humming noise that is coming from the back (it must be a Saturn thing).

I had the battery changed, but can't get the security light to go off.

22nd Jul 2010, 14:31

I have a 2006 Saturn VUE and I have been having problems with the ignition switch. Extremely difficult to turn the car on at times. In June the ignition lock cylinder was replaced. Yesterday went to turn my car on and the ignition switch did not work. I had to have my vehicle towed to the dealer. I had my Saturn SL1 for 11 years with no problems, which made me purchase another Saturn. Loving my VUE. Hopefully this will not continue to be a problem.

10th Oct 2010, 12:40

To the last entry about the ignition not working. I had a similar problem with my 03 Vue. The material used for the key wears down and the key no longer fits the ignition properly. If you go and get a new key, this problem will be solved.

19th Apr 2011, 17:18

I have had 3 Saturns. A 98 SL1 a 03 ION and an 04 ION Redline.

I have never had problems other than maintenance. All except the Redline have had 200 plus thousand miles.

11th Jun 2011, 21:30

I have an 04 Saturn Vue 4 cyl AWD automatic. It's the best car I have ever purchased. I bought it brand new, and now 7 years later it has over 157,000 miles. I have done regular maintenance on it. Now things are starting to go; replaced muffler and drive shaft support carrier. But I have definitely got my money's worth out of this car.

24th Jul 2011, 10:46

I have a 2003 Saturn AWD Auto V6.

I have been having problems with my front tire passenger side brakes burning. It shakes my whole car at times, losing power as I drive. I replaced brake calipers and it helped for a few days. I was recently told I need to replace brake lines. It's very scary when you are driving along and your front ends shakes so bad you have to hold on tight to the steering wheel. Has anyone else had this happen, and if so, what to do to fix it? I don't have $ to just play a guessing game.

This makes my rpms go high just to get enough power to get up to speed limits. Oh, and you can smell the burning in the tire area.


1st Nov 2011, 14:35

I bought my 2003 Vue/AWD new. These were my only problems:

The front end shaking is from warped rotors. If you know someone (like I do) who can fix them in a machine shop, do it. There is nothing wrong with your braking system. After I had this done, it stopped.

Transmission went at 100K miles. I was out of warranty, but because of the class action suit, Saturn (still in business) honored my warranty & replaced the transmission for FREE!

The steering does squeak, but I'm one of those people who don't even notice it until someone in the car makes a joke about it.

Oh, and I had to replace the original battery after 7 years.

It still looks great, drives great, & I wish they were still in business, because this is my 2nd Saturn car, & I LOVE them.