21st Feb 2004, 15:42

Saturn is buying back my VUE because it was in the shop for more than 30 days due to a faulty transmission. Nothing but problems since I bought it in February of last year...

23rd Feb 2004, 06:53

We had bought 2 Saturn Vues in October and November of 03. The first had the same vibration/shudder you speak of. Gave the first one back under the 30 'give back' policy after it was completely torn apart from the drive shaft back to the rear wheels. The second one had the same problem and the service department tore it apart too. The driveshaft was out of balance and they did fix that.

There is still however a vibration/shudder that is a result of the 'torc converter lock-up' at 50 and 100 km/hour. After service department did what was required under their 'service bulletin', the problem did not go away and was requested that I drive at least 10 thousand km. The second Vue was in the shop for at least 2 weeks.

I am at 7500 km and no luck yet.

What is also annoying is the low growl noise at low speed. This too, I was told was due to the transmission and was reported to me as normal.

The vibration/shudder was admitted to me to plague "every single VTI model". Had I known of this, I would have never bought it and Saturn knows full well of this problem yet knowingly held back this disclosure.

6th Apr 2004, 20:18

Bought a 2003 Saturn Vue and had 14 different problems within a yr span. I will never buy any Saturn or GM ever again. Toyotas and Hondas are all that I'll be buying from now on.

As the sayin goes... You get what you pay for!!!

29th Apr 2004, 23:57

My wife came home with a 2004 Saturn VUE on a test drive one night. I drove it straight back to the dealership. She had owned a 2000 Saturn LS previously and had problems with the brake lights. The car, with only 2,800 miles on it was out of warranty (1 month past the 3 year warranty) They quoted her over $300 to replace both tail light assemblies. I brought the car home to fix it myself. When I went to unbolt the tail lights, I noticed there was dust still on the fasteners. I fixed her lights by jiggling the sockets a few times. It was only a loose connection. Long story short, we bought a 2004 Subaru Forester and have been happy so far.

2nd Aug 2004, 09:08

Hi, I'm an other unhappy customer. I bought my VUE in April 2003 and went to the dealer about 10 times since. They change the complete transmission after having my truck for over 1 month. Now, I have to change my breaks and tires. My breaks are finish and my tire cannot pass the winter. I had 2 others Saturns previously (1 SL and 1 LS), never had any problem with them. This SUV will be my last one with them even if their sales service is good, their repair service is not.

13th Apr 2006, 09:51

I have a 2003 AWD Saturn Vue. Recently it lost all power while in the centre lane of a major highway. Short story it was the transmission, they had it fixed in 2 days, but called me to tell me my brakes and rotors needs replacing another $480, rotors on a vehicle less than 2 years old, and at only 40k, what a joke, drove my Mazda MPV for 4 years not one issue! Drove my Chevy Cavalier 4 years never an issue, they would not repair under warranty. As many others have stated sales folks are always awesome, even the service staff is great, but GM Canada clearly doesn't stand behind its products, they won't see me for another purchase of a GM vehicle nor will they get any good word of mouth publicity, back to Mazda I will go!

17th May 2006, 19:35

My husband and I bought a 2003 VUE back in December of 2002. It seemed like a great car for about a year. After that I have had it in the shop at least once a month. The last month alone it has been in the shop for over 2 weeks in-consecutively. Three weeks ago I was leaving work and it died coming out of the parking lot. I had to have it towed and a week later I got it back with the transmission being rebuilt. As I was leaving the dealership, I heard the technician and the head of the service department talking about other problems, but they weren't sure what they were and never told me.

I called the next day to complain about a vibration and they said they thought it was the tires. I have gotten a little upset with Saturn lately and took it to another company to have new tires put on. While there the said they thought the sway bar links were going and if it was still under warranty I should have them checked. I made an appointment for last Saturday. They said it would only take about an hour. I still don't have my car back four days later.

On Monday they decided that I needed new breaks and new tires. I informed them the tires were new and they simply replied “Oh". They replaced the brakes and the sway bar links. Then while out on a test drive, they decided there was still more wrong and replaced the drive shaft.

On Tuesday they test drove it again and the vibration is still there. Now there is an inspector coming out to look at the car because everything is still under warranty and they are spending too much money fixing everything that is wrong. The newest problem is the rear differential, but they can't fix it until the inspector comes out.

This does not include the suspension recall a couple years ago or other suspension, wiper, gas pedal, brake pedal, or missing gaskets that shouldn't have just disappeared that I have had fixed over the years. I still have the wiper problem. There is also a problem with the cord that opens the hood.

5th Jun 2006, 16:28

I too bought a Saturn Vue in August 03, and it has truly been a hassle. I have spent so much money on this vehichle, and I am truly appreciative that I bought the extended warranty at purchasing ($1,500).

This car has been truly a problem from replacing the entire transmission case, oil leak ($950), strut mount, driver side speaker with a crack, steering column, and sway bar links.

It amazes all the problems that I am experiencing and I keep with all the recommended services at Saturn in Houston, Texas 290 (Location).

I will never purchase another Saturn again.

10th Jun 2006, 09:49

I was recently speaking with my cousin's husband who used to work for Saturn sales. He quit about 2 months ago and went to work for another car dealer. I was telling him about all of the problems I have had with my Saturn and he agreed that there are definite problems with the VUE, especially with the transmissions. He did tell me that a lot of the problems have been resolved in the latest model though.

He also said there are still a lot of problems with the Saturn Relay, so if any of you do decide to go back to Saturn (I never will), you may want to avoid the Relay too. Another cousin owns one and has had many problems with her brakes.