15th Nov 2006, 15:37

I own a 2003 VUE. I brought it in to the dealer due to a moaning whining sound in the rear. I also had a shimmy at speeds over 35mph. I only have 38,000 miles and maintained solely at Saturn dealers in Long Island and now Miami.

Turns out that rear wheel bearings were " going bad" and also, I had water contamination in the clutch. Dealer reported no damage, but the fix included installing a " longer hose" in the assembly area. I went on- line and read where there are TSB's for this ailment and there a suggestion that Saturn is resisting a recall.

I was concerned because I thought the clutch was a sealed item. I contacted Saturn and it just sound like a manufacturer's defect to me. The service rep said that water could have entered the clutch box, if it was in water or driving through a puddle. I thought I bought an SUV.

I am feeling very disappointed with the Saturn mystique.

9th Dec 2006, 21:07

In April 2003 I bought a VUE. Two days after I drove it off the lot, all of the idiot lights came on. They had to replace the computer. After that, I had some nuisance problems which were fixed quickly. Now tonite, someone almost hit me coming into my lane on the road. I honked my horn so she can see that she was close to hitting me. We just missed, but then my horn wouldn't stop! So I am driving with my horn blaring out, making an awful lot of noise! My friend who is a mechanic, was going to pull out the fuse. I turned the car off and on a couple of times, then the horn stopped. But now the service light is on, and I do not have a horn. I will be calling Saturn Monday morning to get them to fix it. At least I have the extended warranty. I am glad someone else had a horn problem, as I thought that I hit the horn too hard and damaged it. Obviously it is a defect, as I have had other cars where I have slammed on the horn to avoid accidents. We shall see what happens!

29th Dec 2006, 12:37

I bought my 2003 Saturn Vue AWD in November of 2002. The first year it was fine and we actually got to drive it in the snow, however, the second year all kinds of little rattles and weird things began to happen. I've gone through three keys. The Vue seems to eat them. The key will come out of the ignition with the motor running and then you can't get it back in. I have to use a screwdriver to turn the engine off if it doesn't disengage. Saturn says it is a manufacturing defect and they would not replace the ignition switch when the thing was still under warranty. The fuses kept blowing out and I couldn't charge my cell phone and the kids couldn't watch movies. The dealership couldn't figure out why it was happening. We were afraid the entire electrical system would have to be replaced. Finally one day, the fuses stopped blowing. The motor for the electric window on the driver's side went out and had to be replaced. The front right headlight went out and it was a major ordeal for our mechanic to get to. Seems you have to practically take the front end apart.

Most recently, the thermometer went out and it took over five hours for the mechanic to replace because the manifold had to be removed and then those gaskets replaced. He was amazed at the ordeal!

In cold weather, the steering wheel makes this awful creaking noise. This fall we noticed that the hood was getting harder to open and now we will have to have the lever replaced to open the hood.

My husband has a 2004 Impala and had a 2002 Impala before that. Both of them have had steering and transmission problems. I owned a Nissan and a Mazda before the Vue and I can tell you that when we get rid of this lemon, we will never own another Saturn or GM product.

28th May 2007, 12:17

I have a 2003 Saturn Vue. Up to this point I was satisfied with the vehicle. But last summer there was a crack in the fuel bridge @ 63,000 miles, costing me $900 and last week my engine blew a piston @ 74,313 miles, costing me $4000. Yeah right after the 60,000 mile warranty expires PROBLEMS!!! I really like Saturn's customer service, but I have totally lost faith in the Quality of the VUE. I hope I am a minority in this experience, but just wanted to let others know...

11th Jun 2007, 13:47

All of the problems I have been reading about with my 2003 VUE are very similar to my own. My VUE needed a thermostat and 02 sensors -- $800 to fix an it is a $40 part total (my brother the mechanic found it on line). You are correct they have to take the manifold all the way out to replace.

Then my "stablizer links" need to be replaced $220. Every time I get my oil changed, it is another $200. Might as well buy a new car~!

The steering wheel sound you hear has happened to my car since I bought it in 2003. They replaced the "coil" twice under warranty and oiled it twice this year.

Like everyone else I had a SL1 previously with great results - how was I to know the VUE is a "flop"...

And they wonder why we buy Toyota.

I won't buy Saturn again!!!

St. Louis, MO.

12th Jul 2007, 11:09

I am another former owner of a Saturn SL1 who then purchased a Saturn VUE in 2003. Needless to say, I have been VERY disappointed in the product; as it seems is the common thread from many other comments listed here. I have had my car in the shop more than I could have ever imagined. The main problem with my VUE is the intermittent starting problems. I have now been stranded many times due to my car not starting. It grinds, but it will not kick over and start. The mechanics don't seem to know why this is happening or how to fix it. So far, I have had a fuel injection cleaning, a new crank position sensor and a new fuel pump and the problems continue. Once again, I was stranded last night and my car is in the shop as I write this. Of course, the mechanics can't seem to duplicate the problem when they have the car. I have learned my lesson; I will never buy another Saturn or recommend a Saturn car to anyone again!

19th Jul 2007, 19:41

I bought a 2003 VUE in Nov. 2002, Gads what a mistake!

- Three sets of tires

- three complete sets of brakes

- Two rear wiper motors

- Anti lock system is on/off at best

- Rebuilt left front caliper twice

- Rear hatch gas strut mounts rusted out

- Rear hatch bumpers rusted out

- Four wheel struts are shot

- Steering wheel make a quacking sound all the time

- Growls in turns (bearing?)

- Exhaust manifold leaks

- Gets 14 miles a gallon (Yippie!)

- I get a letter saying that the tranny WILL fail.

- Saturn says there is nothing wrong with it.

It gets the boot tomorrow, as I'm going back to Dodge.