11th Jan 2007, 17:35

To the last comment, was your transmission an automatic?

15th Mar 2007, 09:16

I have a vue purchased in August of 2003. I am now on transmission number 5. My extended warranty has ran out and I still have to pay on the car. My dealership says it will cost $4500 dollars to fix it.

I am working with Saturns customer service to get this issue resolved. Even they won't deny that this is a lemon of a car.

12th Nov 2007, 20:25

I bought a 2003 Saturn VUE (used, in 2004) and had been having transmission problems for the past year... there were a few instances in which the vehicle simply lost power. In fact, a warning light appeared indicating "reduced power" (something I've never seen on any other other vehicle).

I have mileage just over 130,000 km and have no warranty left apparently. I am devastated.

I had heard noises (sewing machine) for the past several months and had the vehicle in for a tune up to see if that would rectify the problem. As the last person commented, everybody who drove in my vehicle, even after the tune up, asked why the engine was so noisy!!!

Yesterday the vehicle would not move in reverse! After reading these comments I am not real optimistic on Saturn rectifying the problem.

I will never buy another Saturn! I am still paying on the vehicle and am deeply disappointed with their customer service.

21st Dec 2007, 10:32

I bought a 2003 Saturn Vue in 2005 and it has been at the dealership for SEVEN weeks to replace a wiring harness! And I have been told that it may take another two weeks to have it fixed cause they are waiting on a part. And they are not %100% sure that is the problem.

The vehicle began to lose power and SES light came on, and it has hardly any power. The service has been terrible. No more Saturn vehicles for me and my family that's for sure. Corporate has been contacted.

10th Apr 2008, 08:11

I have a 2003 VUE (it's 2008 now) with 30k...Yes 30K and the trans died. No warning, just BLEW UP. It's just under $6,000 to fix. Did I mention it is 3 months out of warranty.

NO loaner car for the 5-10 days to fix it...GREAT!

I am NEVER buying a Saturn again. (This is my 6th, yes 6th Saturn)

The transmission on my Jaguar was cheaper to replace, and I got a loaner for the whole time.

25th Apr 2008, 10:45

We bought our 2003 Saturn Vue last year in 2007. It only had 33000 miles on it and looked great. My first impression on the test drive (4 cylinder engine, automatic) that it sounded like a snowmobile and the transmission (constant velocity) didn't shift into gears like any other automatic that we have had. Ignoring that we drove it a lot including a huge road trip last month. 1st problem, the fuel gauge went out. Thank goodness for extended warranty that my wife insisted on, that took two days and we have our Saturn back. Two days later the transmission mysteriously dropped while on the highway. After a $300. towing bill to take back to the original dealer we are now car less. This will be an enormous bill though I cannot advocate enough, get the extended warranty. It is sooo worth it. We won't even get a rental care until the warranty care insurance also inspects the Vue and states the obvious that the transmission is gone. Did I mention that I am also a mechanic. Long weekend - thank goodness we have other vehicles to use.

10th Jun 2008, 21:04

With everybody having transmission problems on the Vue, is anyone putting together a class action lawsuit? Saturn is aware of this problem and has done nothing to fix this problem.

18th Jun 2008, 20:05

I too had problems with transmission. Estimated cost 5600. I just came out of the 5 yr warranty by 5 months. I had 58500 on it.

I was told by the service guys, try Car Max, don't buy another Vue. I am pleased to say after reading all the notes on the site, I tried my luck at the service manager at a local dealer. They very kindly extended the warranty and repaired the transmission, cost 3700, I paid 200 deductible. I then promptly sold it the next day. Thank God.

Ps there is a class action law suit, just type in the words in the search and you will find it.

29th Jun 2008, 02:22

My transmission just went out as well. I second the class action lawsuit. Let's make it happen. They've built a faulty vehicle and will not take responsibility for it.

11th Sep 2008, 23:01

I have recently purchased a 2003 Vue, 4cylinder, 74000 miles, Auto.

You guessed it, the transmission is dead in my vehicle as well.

I too went to a Saturn Dealership and they snubbed there noses at me, told me they always go out, better luck next time they said. I was told I should have bought a newer model. This comment left me taken aback.

I have had Saturns before, this has left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

I have been told replacement will cost me around $5000.00 dollars.

The average person just hasn't got this cash sitting in his or her back pockets, or I certainly don't.

I put faith in to Saturn vehicles, and this is how they treat there customers. Boy, things have changed. I will definitely go in to a court room with other disgruntled Saturn owners.

19th Oct 2008, 15:00

I purchased a 2003 Vue in 2007. The vehicle only has 56,000 miles on it to date.

Recently I was getting on the bridge ramp, and as I stepped on the gas, the car was not moving as fast as it should; it was mighty sluggish. I waited a couple of weeks until the problem happened again, and it did. I headed to the dealership and had it checked; the mechanic told me it was my catalytic converter and replaced it. A few weeks after that, there was the sluggishness and lost of power again. My problem is not consistent, but reading everyone's comments, I might be heading towards tranny problems too.

27th Dec 2008, 09:42

2003 Vue-- Transmission problems started at 75,000 miles. Extended warranty has expired. I am going to go to dealership and try my luck with getting it repaired on their nickel anyway. From what I have seen on the internet, there is a class action suit in CA, Castill vs. GM case # 2:07-0948. Lakin Firm (618) 254-1127 Good luck everyone.

23rd Jul 2009, 17:11

You'd think that Saturn might be immune to the constant problems of Chevrolet vehicles since it's a sub-division of Opel. But somehow Chevy found some way to screw it up.

2nd Oct 2009, 00:20

I own a 2003 Saturn Vue, purchased in August of 2003 brand new with 56 miles on it.

Within the first 6 months of ownership, the transmission had to be replaced twice at Saturns expense of course. Then I PCSed from my duty station in Norfolk, VA and went unaccompanied for 6 months to Texas for a school. I left the vehicle with my now ex wife, who by the way still has it to this day.

Since the transmission was replaced the two times when I had it, she has had to have it replaced an additional 4 times for a grand total of 6 times. Saturn refuses to do anything beyond replacing the broken down transmission, "update the internal computer", or some other temporary fix.

What has to be done to recall this vehicle? It seems as if they are losing more money replacing all of these transmissions than the car is actually worth. They have paid anywhere from $12,000 to $18,000 to replace this transmission 6 times, we paid $15,000 for it, not really worth it if you ask me. This car is a lemon, and with any luck it will be recalled.