2003 Saturn VUE LX 4 cylinder. from North America


Soooo sorry I ever bought it






General Comments:

Everything was great with our new Vue until about 13000 miles. That is when we began to notice that if we were stopped on a decline and pulled out into traffic at a normal rate of speed, the car would make it a few feet out into the road and then complete engine power loss for about 5-6 seconds before it finally kicked in.

We returned to the dealership, explained the problem and left the car. The service department was excellent. They replaced the transmission, and everything was covered under our warranty.

A couple of weeks passed and the problem resurfaced. We returned to the service department where we left the car for two days. They were unable to re-create the problem. So I picked it up.

Same day, the problem reoccurred. So the next morning my wife returned it to the dealership. They could not re-create the problem. When she picked it up, she took the service manager for a ride. Pulling out of their parking lot SHE was able to re-create the problem.

So he told her to bring it back after the weekend.

By now we had been in touch with Saturn corporate as well as a lawyer. So we bring it back, a fourth time. They tell us there is a new computer update and they programmed it in.

Pulling out of the dealership it does it again! I turned around and went straight back to the dealer where I was met with confusion and this time, I think, skepticism.

Three days later now we have been told by corporate, who was told by the dealership, that it is normal operating procedure for the vehicle.


So when I am trying to cross three of the six lanes of the major highway I travel on, with my 13-month old son in the car and this piece of crap loses power for 5 seconds (approx.), that's normal operating procedure?!

You'll be hearing from my lawyer.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2005

16th Feb 2005, 13:33

I had the same exact problem for 10 months and FINALLY was able to recreate the problem with a technician in the vehicle and it turned out to be the ignition. Once they replaced the ignition, that problem has been taken care of.

19th Feb 2005, 19:28

That is really too bad about your Vue. I have one and my husband has one. He has the 4 cyl auto and I have the V6. We both love our Vues and have no problems big or small. Better luck next time or is it luck...

2003 Saturn VUE from North America


I would not purchase a VUE again


My Transmission went bad

My sway bar went bad

My sun roof slider went bad.

My Transmission leaked.

My springs in the front end went bad.

General Comments:

The car is uncomfortable, it is very noisy insides. The car is not reliable. I am always taking it to the shop to one thing or another fixed.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2004

2003 Saturn VUE FWD 2.2 4 cylinder from North America


Awesome SUV with great expectations!


The one thing I have seen wrong with the Vue, is that the transmission linkage seems to loosen up, or break. The second week of having the Vue, the bottom row of gears, 2nd, 4th, and reverse, weren't working at all. This caused a huge problem, but was immediately fixed by Saturn's dealer.

If you don't have Anti Lock Brakes, like myself, you have constant problems with the rotors and pads. At 29,000, the rotor's were warped, and the car would shimmy when you would brake either at high or low speeds, more so at higher speeds.

General Comments:

The car itself is pretty quick. The 2.2 Liter shows promising quickness, and often can take on any ricer.

The Vue can corner like you wouldn't believe. The suspension is quite stiff doing 60 mph around a medium right/left.

The interior is large, roomy, and can fit the tallest of drivers. My friend decided to take it out for a drive, he's 6'10", and he's in love with my car, because he can fit in it, and still have enough room to shift gears.

The transmission is promising. Very quick with this 4 cylinder, being a short range gear set. At higher speeds, such as 110 mph, the car seems to still have that pep that it has at lower speeds.

Overall, the Vue is a great choice for an SUV under $13,000.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2004