2006 Scion tC from North America


Amazingly fun to drive, great car


Low profile tires have some problems when they meet curbs. Besides that, everything's great so far.

General Comments:

Bought the car used with 41k miles a few weeks ago. Very comfortable ride, quick, agile, and very good looking. Performs like a dream. The cornering is smooth as butter, and the acceleration for an automatic is breathtaking.

The interior is very roomy, but taller people may not enjoy the low roof, and certainly would hate the back seat.

I enjoy being able to rock out to the ipod, and being able to plug it in, hide it in the compartment, and control it with the stereo is a major plus. The audio system is extremely clean sounding, and if set in "feel" mode, the music is twice as enjoyable. However, the radio has trouble picking up some stations clearly that my previous car could get no problem. Plus, you can change the color of your stereo screen with the simple press of a button. All the stereo features are extremely easy to use, which I like greatly.

The car is very fun to drive, and long, winding roads will bring a smile to your face because the car is so fun to corner in.

Gas mileage is great; I've only had to fill it up twice since buying it, and that is with long daily commutes.

Panoramic roof with moonroof is extremely nice.

A/C works great, but it's too hot this time of year to test the heat out.

The ability to modify the car with aftermarket performance parts is extremely easy, and Toyota's TRD performance parts are almost of bolt-on application simplicity, with noticeable performance gains. Aftermarket exhausts go a long way and make the car sound like a race car, (which I prefer,) with a very appealing, low rumble type sound. Comes stock with race-looking rims.

Hatchback rear and fold-down rear seats make for excellent storage space, however there is no wiper for the rear window.

Great car, and I love mine. I would recommend it to anyone.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2009

2006 Scion tC from North America


You get a lot for the money, but it is still an economy car


Annoying small rattles and squeaks in the interior that come and go in different places. The dealer fixed some of them, but they came back after a few weeks.

Some interior surfaces (dash, doors), though they do not look especially cheap, are delicate and too easy to permanently scratch or scuff.

General Comments:

Nice looks.

Quiet interior (except for rattles sometimes).

Hatchback is practical.

Good value for the money.

Toyota reliability.

Decent mileage (I am averaging 29 MPG).

I hate the low-profile wheels - they look good, but it is too easy to damage tires or wheels on curbs.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2007

31st Jul 2007, 01:48

My dashboard melted.

19th Feb 2018, 19:15

In the sun, or did your car catch fire? Details like this are important in providing context.

2006 Scion tC tc 2.4 from North America


Pros-My Scion is a great car so far and I love it.

Cons-Inferior car stereo. Air conditioner not adequate for AZ. heat with all those windows.

General Comments:

Good looking car. Fun to drive. Speedy. Great gas mileage

Hopefully with a good detail my paint will last.

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Review Date: 30th November, 2006

5th May 2013, 12:16

I no longer have my tC, but I, too, live in Arizona and found the air conditioning to be more than adequate in the summertime here. I also had a ridiculously dark tint. Perhaps that had something to do with it.

2006 Scion tC TC 160 hp from North America


Very nice car would buy again


I’m surprised I’ve never heard any negative comments about the performance of the Scion Tc. I own an ‘06 and like it. I just think the engine is underpowered. After driving the car for a while I realized it needed more HP. Also I think the gearing for the 5 speed (needs a 6th gear also) is all wrong. Seems to be all “wound out” at 3000 rpm. Anyone agree?

General Comments:

Nice car.

Needs more HP and better gearing for manual.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2006