20th Aug 2006, 02:48

My wife and I are both in our early sixties. When we first saw the Scion Xb we were intriqued, took it for a test drive. We were impressed with the roominess and the visibility. Another plus was ease of access getting in and out of the vehicle, not to mention the mileage and cost.

We knew it would be perfect for getting around town and commuting to work. We had no idea it was geared toward the Y generation. It seemed to fit many of our baby boomer needs.

My wife thinks it's cute and I think it its practicable, reliable and inexpensive to own and operate. We are seeing more and more people our age driving them.

Bob and Judy.

20th Aug 2006, 09:17

I am planning on buying a XB in the next week. How are they in snow? And how much gas mileage are you folks getting? Thank you lars

24th Sep 2006, 14:34

I own an xb and spending all this time on headers and turbos and all this...stupid. this car was never made to race. flat out. I have her dropped 3", some 5 spokes, 4 screens and an xbox, along with a bunch of 12"s in the back. that is what this car was made for.

8th Oct 2006, 05:48

I have to agree with those who suggest that the engine isn't built for turbos and superchargers. Toyota makes a great engine, but no engine originally designed for economy can withstand that much power for that length of time. The internals just aren't built for it.

Better off adding a little juice for the occasional boost.

4th Mar 2007, 20:12

I've had my 2006 xB 12 months. I got the stick shift. While I don't race it I have no problem hitting 110 and accelerating when merging from an on ramp. The new 2007 TC Drag Racing HotRod didn't seem to have any problem breaking all of the Honda Civic's old records.


29th May 2007, 18:25

I'm 63 yrs old and a pinstriper by trade. I have a 06 Scion XB and I actually love it, but I wouldn't spend a nickel on any performance options outside of a set of wheels and maybe shocks. I spent a week striping and here's a photo http://onfinite.com/libraries/1179708/10e.jpg. The truth of the matter is, if I wanted to go fast and corner well, I'd drive my ole Plymouth, which is set up for road racing.

26th Jun 2007, 12:04

Somewhat of an old thread, but...

...400hp on this little car is possible. There is an echo in Puerto Rico running 400hp - had to coax the hell out of it, but it was done.

Why do it? There's no point. HP is one thing, but the HP to weight ratio is more important. This is an extremely light, toss-able car. Get it to 200hp and it'll be an amazing ride (ZPI has gotten it to 183hp at the wheels).

12th Jul 2007, 10:11

The xB is a great car.

It is NOT a race car however.

I came from a corvette to this now simply for the room.

It's a nice car and its very quiet and a smooth ride.

It actually is more pleasant to drive then my C5 was, excluding the horsepower of course.

29th Dec 2007, 06:08

I have an XB with 1,000hp and blew away Jay Leno's Olds Toronado and all of the sudden I woke up from my dream and still had the lawn mower engine under the my hood.

30th Oct 2008, 15:56

I am 30. I bought my xB for gas mileage. I am looking into putting more money into it to go a little faster.. At 80mph my engine is at 3500 rpm.. getting about 20 mpg. 30 mpg at 70. Anyone that has upgraded with the cold air have any problems?

21st Feb 2011, 20:19

Cold air and exhaust did not do anything because the computer sets the MPG to 30 MPG @ 70 MPH.

I have two xBs with over 175,000 miles each.

18th Aug 2011, 22:45

Thank you for your review!! I am considering an older XB and I have the same problem -- it looks ugly to me. I can't seem to find one to test drive, but I'm glad to know somebody who didn't like the way the car looked came to love it!