29th Jan 2002, 02:48

I own a 1991 Seat Ibiza Mrk 2. Its also got 15 inch Alloy's, Big Bore Exhaust and the factory fitted Body Kit. I've also just fitted a K&N cone filter that needed a few minor adjustments. But can anyone please tell me where I can get a de-badged mesh grill?

10th Feb 2002, 05:40

I own one Ibiza 1992 GLX, but I feel it is not too fast, then I thought to put in it a 3 light spark Bosch, what do all you think?

8th May 2002, 15:36

I own a G registration ibiza special and I'm trying to find a body kit for it, The car itself is mint, i only paid £150 for it, I had it serviced the first week I bought it and the mechanic could'nt fault it, its damn fast too, does anyone know of any clubs I could join to show off my machine?

27th Sep 2002, 13:33

I had a Seat Ibiza mk2 1.2 ClXi, and sold it the other week. I am now purchasing the same again, but the 1.8 Sportline BEAST, and I would find it grateful if anyone could get in contact with me to chat about modifications that can be done to the car, as I am going to do it properly, and have a dual exit 4 exhaust back box in mind for it. Please could you e-mail me at s.churchill@btinternet.com

Oh yeah, one good deed deserves another... check out www.needforspeed.co.uk. You will find everything that you will want and pretty much need, other than a body kit for your Ibiza, ranging from big brake discs, pads, PBV's etc!

Cheers, and remember to e-mail even if it's just to say yeah I got an Ibiza!!!


2nd Dec 2002, 17:42

Hi, I also have a Seat Ibiza it is a 1.2i System Porsche it was a Friend edition, I have found the car to be incredibly quick compared to other 1.2's and have so far had 110mph out of it on a private road of course i'ver made a semi (accurate 0-60 of 15.25 and am currently trying to modify it, no luck on body kit's or many performance parts so any help would be greatly appreciated. I would like to contact you about your ibiza, but couldn't find your details if you could send me some pictures and spec of your car I would be very thankful.

3rd Jan 2003, 11:11

My Email address is Plightfoot@hotmail.com so if anyone wants to exchange ideas or advice contact me. My car is a 92 reg Ibiza GLX with 15 inch alloys and is lowered 35mm at the front and 40mm at the back (apparently impossible to do!!). It has a full seat body kit with splitter and diffuser added by me. Inside I have two OMP bucket seats and a nice pioneer install. Please contact me as I thought I was the only person modding one of these. I have plenty of pics to show you too!!

24th Feb 2003, 13:56

Hi, I used to own a G reg "Ibiza 1.2 GLX" it came with lowered skirts and rear and front bumpers, wheel arches... the lot, but after about 2 years of thrashing from my brother I finally drove it and landed it into a hedge leaving it in a bad way. The steering was very stiff, but when going around corners tended to sway and drift, bouncing a lot. Since then I have bought an H reg 1.5 injection, but did not come with all the trimmings, I hope to take them off the old and put them on the newer one. One bonus was the built in fogs into the front grille. The car is brilliant to drive, fast off the mark and quick to accelerate in most gears, however the same problems as mentions above have appeared on this car. I have just replaced a rear passengers hub, and the car is now in the garage for a new drive-shaft CV gaiter and new exhaust. One last thing is that I have found the electric windows to have stopped working after the severe storms and rain, maybe another design floor.

All said I feel that the old models of the Seat "Ibiza" to to be a great car, ideal for any1, fast, hard with very good acceleration (especially the 1.5 injections). If any1 does manage to find somewhere with the body kits I'm interested.


27th Feb 2003, 05:41

Hiya! For about 9 months now, I have searched to the ends of the earth looking for body kits, and what I found was... well... nothing apart from the factory-fitted body kit. Skirts, arches, and so on. But I'm not giving up yet. I have a D-reg 1.2 Designer. I have lowered it bout 40 all round (inc. the back). It's a secret, which if you want, I will tell you. Engine breather, filter, bolt-on filter, Pro fuel filter. Awaiting regulator. All the usual kinda stickers. Demon-Tweeks sticker up swept on the bonnet. Reflective window tint.I.C.E you know all the crazy stuff people say you doing to a pointless car. Though when you come face to face with them on the line, they don't tend to look down on you.

The car only has one or two things wrong with it, I found, but it is old. The handbrake; what's with that? And the front jack points are just... well there not there. Brakes in general, pretty cool, speed. For a 1.2 standard carb I think I can't really complain. And finally the handling. Something else when its lowered the one thing I really hate at the moment is not having money for alloys.

Mail me sheep_going_mad@hotmail.com.

11th Dec 2003, 06:37

Hey. I'm busy at the minute looking for body kit for a Ibiza/Cordoba! I stumbled across this site and can see that I'm not the only person finding it hard to get sports body kit for this car. mines a Cordoba 1.9 D SE. Does about 110mph tops which isn't too bad as it not a tdi! It really nippy and hits 60 in about 8 seconds! it has had some alterations to the exhaust and added about 5mph on. Not a lot, But its not bad! people are always asking if it is a tdi! But I asSure its not!

10th Mar 2004, 04:11

Hi, I've got a Seat Ibiza 1500 glx and I'm looking to do some serious work on it to have it looking really smart. I'd also like to enhance the engine along with a full respray, could you please let me know where to get the best parts from for a decent price. C2CAM10@HOTMAIL.COM. Cheers CAM.

3rd Jan 2005, 10:52

I have a Seat Ibiza 1.5 SXi. This car I bought for £80 in mint condition. It's an H reg, and very quick, but I'm finding it hard to modify.

I have 16 inch wheels on it. They rub a lot on the back, but to combat this, I have cut out the rear arches a little, and this has stopped the grinding.

This is my second car. My first was a Daewoo Nexia. Surprisingly, these are very easy to modify, and look very sweet, hence old Astra parts fit.

But how do you modify the Seat? Where can I find a body kit and a performance exhaust??? Help.


9th May 2005, 06:47

I have a 1.2 CLXi in white with 70k miles on a K Plate and I love it! got a nice little spoiler on the back and a bee sting aerial. fitted a clarion 348 (mp3/cd player) in it as well so it's a perfect little forst car!