24th May 2017, 11:36

Changed the wing, actually not too bad. A lot has to come off, but it's only torx screws. Surprised me how many! Plus the little side window which is meant to be a nightmare to do, but with a trim removal tool I found it pretty easy.

Central locking issue has resolved itself. I noticed one of the drain plenums was a little blocked, so I cleared it and it has been OK since. Apparently water can overflow into the car and affect the control unit for the locking. The warm weather we have had in the UK has dried it all out and it's all back to normal. Bit odd but not complaining.

Brakes next! On its second set of pads and due for another I think. Discs too as they are starting to look a bit world weary, but having done this job on other cars, I shouldn't have any issues doing that.

Overall a good, solid old faithful; shame about the cosmetic scratches, car park dents and stone chips which bug me, but what do you expect after a decade in a city? Am starting to think that it would be a good first car for my daughter who turns 17 next year - if nothing else we know its history so know it's been (mechanically) looked after!

15th May 2019, 19:28

Aaaaaaand I still own it! Nothing to report except the battery died last week, but I am not complaining about getting 11 years out of a battery.

Also failed its MoT as the fuel cap was leaking fumes. A new fuel cap cost a tenner and that was that taken care of.

Eleven years of ownership and to be honest it has been brilliant. Keep thinking about changing it but am sooooo attached it’s going to be hard saying goodbye.

21st Nov 2020, 09:29

Final post from me, the original poster.

After 13 years of ownership I sold it to my cousin as I have emigrated and couldn’t take the car. 114000 miles of service with nothing more than tyres, brakes, and one battery in that time.

It developed a couple of things - the heater decided it only wanted to work on position 4 (resistor, a fairly common VW fault) and the gear change went sloppy owing to a duff bush in the change mechanism. Cousin is a mechanic and is sorting both out. He says it is one of the best Leon’s he has had and can believe how well it drives. Already I am missing it and have no idea what to replace it with. Alfa Romeo probably...