23rd Sep 2007, 18:13

I have just bought a 03 Leon Cupra R 210 version and I'm very happy with the performance, however that might be because I have came from a 1.2 clio LOL.

I really do like the 210 Cupra R; what do you think about the 210R? Is it as good as the 225R? I'm putting my 210R in to get it mapped on Wednesday and was wondering if anybody could tell me the performance figures I could expect from this, BHP and torque, 0 to 60, 0 to 100 times if anybody has them.

29th Oct 2007, 08:23

0-60 on a nice dry day - 6 seconds or so

60-100 on a nice dry day - 7.5/8.0 seconds.

That's with a stage 1 remap pushing ~ 265bhp.

Think the fact that you have to change from 2nd to 3rd gear to get to 60 may slow you down a fraction.

28th Jan 2008, 08:50

I fail to see how an exhaust and remap gave you over 300hp, I mean a remap would be 265-270, but I don't think you'll make up the other 30+ with just an exhaust!

20th Feb 2008, 10:17

An Accord Type R would hit 0-100 in under 15 seconds; that is quick.

20th Feb 2008, 12:57

Going back a few comments to the guy that seems to think an Astra VXR takes over 17 seconds to get to 100.

There is a video on YouTube of a VXR doing it in 13.

And I am fed up of reading exaggerated comments about the 172/182. I've been in a 182 Cup, and it barely felt any faster than the Focus ST170 I had a few years ago.

21st Feb 2008, 04:50

The VXR is just over 16 seconds to 100 mph, over 17 sounds a bit slow. But 13? No way, unless its been played with.

21st Feb 2008, 11:09

Just watch the video, it's 13. Stop reading magazines for your facts; too much corruption in that business.

22nd Feb 2008, 05:03

OK I will watch your video, but if it says 13 seconds its modified. The 04 STI (265 bhp) is only 13.9 and that has AWD launch advantage, so I hardly think a standard 237 bhp VXR is gonna be nearly a second quicker, good as it is.

3rd Mar 2008, 09:44

Hey guys.

I can confirm that a remapped Cupra R gets to 100 in around 14-15 seconds.

From my experience:

0-60 = 6.2/6.5 seconds

60-100 = 7.5/8.5 seconds.

As for the VXR in under 13secs? It must be a one of a kind!

5th Mar 2008, 11:02

I have to agree that 300 bhp is not possible from just a remap and exhaust.

Think 285bhp is tops, but that is probably a generous RR figure.

More likely to be in the region of 255-275bhp.

On the whole, in the REAL world (i.e. everyday road use), it doesn't really matter how fast it gets to 60 or 100. If you are happy with the way the car delivers the power and feels, then result.

I have driven many cars from M3's to Skyline GT-R's and can honestly say that the Cupra R is a very good car for the price you pay. Think you can get a very good 2006 example for £13000 or so!

Handling is the only drawback, but spend £500-1000 on mods and that can be quickly sorted.

Not bad on fuel: Take care and you can get 350 miles out a full tank (55 litres). Be heavy with the right foot and you'll be lucky to see 200 miles!

Servicing prices are very competitive. Tyres and pads can be a pain (10000 miles from the fronts), but they can be picked up for £60-£85 per tyre and £100 for pads respectively for the good ones. Not bad for 225/40/18's.

If you have £3000 to play with, then 350bhp can be achieved. Not sure how the power will be put down through the front wheels, but am sure once rolling, the car will be a proper beast.

My advise to anyone looking for an excellent hatchback, would be to go and test-drive one.

You'll be instantly hooked, and the money you save instead of buying that Audi of VW can be used for a nice holiday, or two, or three!

2nd Sep 2008, 17:13

An Astra VXR doing 0-100 in 13 as standard is not believable. No chance. The video link you posted no doubt has some bloke with a stop watch clicking stop when the speedo hits the ton, reality is he'll probably only be pushing 93/95mph, so add on 3 seconds or so and we're back in the real world at 16 seconds.

The only timing runs that count are with dedicated equipment/Santa Pod etc.

3rd Sep 2008, 11:50

So what you're saying is a VXR can get to 95 in 13 seconds and then takes three seconds to go from 95-100. Don't think so, one second maybe, but three, I don't think so.

8th Oct 2008, 06:02

Going back to the older posts; WRX vs Cup.


1st Oct 2009, 10:22

I recently sold my Mk1 Leon Cupra R. But had a lot of fun modding it.

After fitting a new down pipe, cat back, 100 cell sports cat and tail pipe (all ceramic coated) plus a new braided silicone TIP, heat shield protected ram-piped cone air filter, new silicon inter-cooler hoses, bailey DV and a customised 99 ron re-map, to name but a few of the tweaks...

……..it made 'just' 272.33 BHP when dyno tested.

You just don't get 270 BHP from just the remap alone I’m afraid with the LCR.

Those are just pub talk figures.

To get any more from my setup without upgrading the turbo (it's a borg warner k04 as standard) you would need to then fit a top-end FMIC plus an equal length turbo inlet & outlet manifold, plus remap the whole lot (again) and get a new TIP (again!) as the turbo has to be moved when you fit an equal length manifold.

Do just the FMIC and expect about 280 to 285 BHP (absolute maximum).

Do all those mods and maybe get about 290 BHP.

But you won’t get to 300BHP from the K04 - as it runs out of puff at around 290 BHP when bolted on the 1.8 20V lump.

At least according to a properly calibrated rolling road.

Remember, it is an awful lot cheaper to just go bigger turbo instead and see AT LEAST 300BHP once you have remapped it.

With the right internals, a re-bore and a big turbo etc, you can get maybe 500BHP to 600BHP, but that costs £££'s.

And by then you will need a new clutch, suspension, brakes and maybe a slippy diff to help control all the power, to name but a few essential upgrades! More £££’s.

When my LCR was running at 272.33 BHP it would do 0-60 mph in about 6 seconds flat.

If timed properly on a good day with new tyres I dare say it may have been below the 6 second mark, but I’ll never know now.

Its top end was still only ever a maximum of 154 mph - even on 99 ron fuel - (the speedo read 160mph though!) because the power dropped off at about the same point as when it was running at 225. That was tested on track I might add, not the road.

11th May 2012, 11:06

Depends on the WRX. 90% of GC8 WRX Impreza's come with a Td05 turbo. All they need is an MBC that costs a few notes, and you have 300bhp for little more than the cost of 20 cigarettes, provided you don't go overboard with the MBC setting and blow your engine up by cranking up the juice too much.

7th Jul 2012, 05:27

Yes, you'd end up with an Impreza.. too bad.

24th Sep 2012, 14:43

I am very surprised that with 272 hp, your Cupra R was doing 0-60 in 6 seconds. I don't really understand a lot about mods, but I was expecting you would be doing it in maybe less than that. I just got a Cupra R a few months ago, and I wanted to remap it to 265hp in a few months time, and I was hoping to be doing 0-60 in 6 seconds, but I'll take it that might just be impossible then? Was hoping that it would be faster than a VXR original LOL; do you think that might be possible?

25th Sep 2012, 13:49

With front wheel drive cars, it is hard to get much under 6 seconds without upping power massively. They all seem to hit a wall around 6 seconds, where wheel spin becomes an issue, and it is just as much down to the driver and the way the power comes in, as it is the power you have.

Across a 1/4 mile you'd see a noticeable improvement, and in general when giving it some stick, but I wouldn't advise chasing 0-60 times in a FWD hot hatch.

12th Oct 2015, 12:47

My standard Cupra R 210 did 100mph on a 1/4 mile this weekend in 15.2 secs.