2003 Skoda Fabia Comfort TDI-PD 1.4 turbo diesel 3 cylinder from UK and Ireland


Fantastic small car (Dreadful dealer)


Front Fog Lights not working.

Very poor dealer service.

General Comments:

I covered 55,000 miles in a Seat Arosa powered by the same 1.4 3-cylinder TDI engine and praised that car for it's excellent performance, economy and reliability. I see no reason why the Fabia should be any different.

In addition to the benefits of the Seat I now also enjoy space, comfort and excellent refinement. I also feel that the Fabia is the best looking small car currently available, but I suppose that's personal taste.

My car is currently delivering around 55mpg which is around the same as the Seat. This figure is probably no better than that achieved by the 1.9TDI Fabia, but the engine is such a joy to use and listen to that it doesn't matter to me.

My dealer is worse than useless, but I see that this forum will not accept comments on this.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2004

16th Dec 2004, 16:25

I've had the car for 10 months now and covered 30,000 miles with no problems at all FANTASTIC!!!

12th Jul 2006, 12:34

Well this car is nearly three years old and is just about to hit 90,000 miles. Mechanicaly it is still great, but the interior is getting a little bit rattly. I'm planning to run it for another year and than trade in for a Roomster. By then my Fabia will have roughly 140,000 on the clock so pretty good inexpensive motoring :-)

31st Aug 2006, 06:18

I appreciate the update. My very reliable Renault Clio is about to die (Head Gasket) so looking for another car. Might look in direction of 1.9TDI or 1.4TDI fabia for sure!

2003 Skoda Fabia vRS 1.9 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Quick smile enducer


Wouldn't start due to sticking relay the day after I took delivery. Took almost a month before the fault was solved.

Windscreen wipers failed twice. Easily fixed by replacing fuse.

General Comments:

First of all the dealer was excellent when the car got dropped off there on the back of a wagon.

Now that I have got the car back I'm very happy with it. It took a bit of time to learn to trust the car again, but now 2 months on there has been no other faults.

Both the economy and the performance is improving with every turn of the key. If economy is your game it is easily able to return 55mpg+ on a good A road! Trouble is the heavy foot that does not that figure down occasionally, giving an average return of about 49mpg. The performance is such that I can't see the front tyres doing too many miles. Overtaking is reassuringly easy, 3rd and 4th gear offering mind boggling acceleration for a diesel, let alone a Skoda.

As I'm only 21 I did get a bit of stick of the less knowledgeable of the lads and all the ladies. Those that do know less are starting to warm to the car, especially when most cars get in the way and the car will pull strongly past them! Eats st170s alive, even kept up with and by doing so embarrassed a Mini Cooper S which did shock both me and it's driver. Although it's obvious in the twisties my vrs would struggle to keep up with the Mini, but did keep up with the Golf GT TDI round them very easily, think he was a bit p***ed off!!!

The front seats are very comfortable with plenty of leg room and ample lateral support. There is a surprising amount of room in the back considering that it is a very small car.

For such a small car it drives like a much bigger one, definitely puts a smile on your face, especially in the 3rd, 4th and the fuel pump!!! Oh and the insurance is good as well.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2004

4th May 2004, 15:01

No wonder it kept up with the Golf GT Tdi! Its the same engine in a smaller package. I only became aware of this derivative of the Fabia yesterday, when looking at Seat Ibiza's in Parkers Guide. Decided I'd like one. What's insurance like for a 21 year old?

23rd May 2004, 11:54

Hi there. I'm 21 as well and about to get my first car - 2nd hand. Have settled on getting a Fabia of some description, despite the ribbing from all my mates. Could you please tell me what insurance group the vRS is in, and how much it costs to insure a 21 year old on it?


Gilberto Carlos.

27th May 2004, 14:13

The insurance group is 9A - For an oldie couple like my wife and I (early 40's) it's about £350. I test drove this pocket rocket last Saturday (could only top 50mph 'cos of cameras and love it. Try this site for more info on Skoda's - www.briskoda.net.

12th Oct 2004, 19:00

To the original poster - I'm looking at a vRS and also of a similar age. What are you paying for insurance and from who?

(or if anyone else wants to offer info, feel free)


26th Oct 2004, 06:50

For a 24yr old male with no no claims the best quote I've had is about £500, so for 21 I'm assuming maybe £600-£700.

Drive one and then decide whether you can afford the insurance - you'll sell your granny before not getting one!

20th Aug 2005, 07:35

Hello there!

Just for reference on the Insurance costs on these babies...

I'm 22, have 2 years no claims, and currently drive a 2.0 Skoda Octavia Ambiente which is group 9E - which I believe the Fabia vRS belongs to the same. Costs me £702 to insure this year.

I am considering the move to a Fabia vRS, and am arranging my test drive soon!