13th Jun 2012, 02:55

Have you driven one of these? I've had lots of cars in the past. My present one is a Mercedes C350 V6, which is fairly spirited. It's the 350Nm torque on 1.9 Fabia that really makes the difference at normal speeds, below a ton. The published power and 0-60 times don't really do the car justice.

14th Jun 2012, 04:34

Few small hatchbacks go so quickly so effortlessly. It will be beaten in an outright drag race by true hot hatches, but if you're doing 50 and need to be doing 80, just plant it and it hauls its way up there before a petrol buzz box driver has selected the correct gear. And all this with 50 MPG in daily use without trying. Brilliant little cars for what they are.

25th Sep 2012, 11:59

Been totally chuffed with mine since new - now 116000. Up a steep Derbyshire incline, a Type R had to scream its b***** to get past me, and I wasn't trying. Mind I like the Civic - the vRS is so easy.

26th Mar 2016, 03:09

I drive a 2001 VW Polo GTI 6n2 with 125 HP and 150 lb ft of torque. 5 door with 98,000 miles on it with coil overs and a K&N panel filter.

And as of 24/03/16, I can say this I raced a guy in a black 05 Skoda Fabia vRS and left him. At no point was he anywhere near, and from 80 to 130mph he was gone. Changing from 3th gear at 98 mph at 6900 RPM to 125 mph in fourth gear, he looked daft.

I am happy cos I wanted a Fabia vRS, but in the end I could not afford the £2400 at the time, and at the last minute I saw the Polo with full leather for £1200 with loads of paper work and receipts with 95,000 miles, so I thought it's the next best thing ... But as it's turned out, it's a sweet little car and quick.