21st Nov 2006, 15:18

Earlier this year we bought a 2002 reg Fabia Elegance with 40,000 miles on the clock.

Having read the comments posted so far it seems that our Fabia has a fault (or is it a feature) which is uncommon. The central locking system activates itself without a single button being pressed, either on the key-fob or on the door. On several occasions while driving along the doors have suddenly locked, which is rather unnerving.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

PS. Have also had a lambda sensor changed, anti roll-bar bushes replaced, re-attached a window to its mechanism and fixed a leaking radiator. We try to park on the flat to avoid rain getting in! The heated seats are nice!

7th Dec 2006, 07:04

To the second-hand Fabia owner with the mysterious locking doors. This is a standard feature of the Skoda Fabia and is quite normal and in some ways protects the driver and passenger. Nothing to worry about!

30th Dec 2006, 05:27

We purchased an X reg FABIA 1.4 back in April 01. (Current mileage 55k) The first couple of years were fine (although we did have the creaky dash board which we learnt to live with) and the anti roll bars replaced. In the last 3 years we have had numerous problems with the coolant system. New radiator fitted in Sept 05 (now leaking again), new power steering sensor and new clutch recently fitted. Not a month goes by without having one of the warning lights come on and a visit to the Skoda garage. Having read the above comments how glad I am that I did not have the air con and central locking features! All in all very disappointing and I certainly shall never buy another Skoda.

6th Jan 2007, 08:06

I have an X-reg Skoda Fabia Elegance 1.4litre 16v with 89,000 on the clock. While the car was still in manufacturer's warranty there were very few problems, but after year 3 things started to go wrong on a fairly regular basis, culminating now in scored cylinders which the dealership tells me are terminal for the engine. I will therefore need a replacement (+ one for the power steering pump which has now apparently also gone west, only a month after the engine problems started).

I have been quoted (main dealership) a total of £3800 for these two repairs, which leaves me in a very depressing position. I understand that piston ring issues are a known problem with this VW 16v engine, but Skoda UK say they are able to offer me any goodwill towards the cost of the repair (based on the age of the car). What to do next? Get the repair done, only for something else to go wrong straight away, or start looking for a different 2nd hand car.

29th Jan 2007, 17:24

I have a X reg Fabia 1.4 MPi with 46k on the clock, 3k of these I've done myself, and have had various adventures with the warning lights.

The main problem has been the power steering light, which stubbornly refuses to stay off and results in heavy (and dangerous) steering. The ECU (the under the bonnet computer) controls these systems, and can sometimes be reset by turning the engine on and off (without starting it) several times, but this is only a temporary fix, and the problems will occur again.

Ask your garage to check the codes data in the computer; if there are a large number of codes stored here, you too are experiencing this problem - which I believe is called a brainstorm (but could be wrong).

The “simple” answer to the problem is the computer management system has to be replaced and re-coded to fit the key - which is a rather expensive job. My cheapest quote has been £600+ and will require various codes/programming and witch doctor incantations (I’d just let my local garage sort it out!).

I’ve been warned that any recoding or “re-mapping” of the original unit is simply a bodge job, and should be avoided. Also I have been told not to attempt to "repair" this box of tricks or get a second hand unit, as the fault appears to be built into the circuits.

Hope this helps


18th Feb 2007, 08:21

Go on Briskoda website & ask on Fabia forum. They're very helpful.

20th Feb 2007, 05:21

Skoda Fabia Comfort 1.4 - 2002- 26,000 miles on the clock.

Bought the car just 6 months ago, very low mileage. Again, creaky dashboard (what is all that about??), and the blinking cylinder head had to be changed and the fan belt (€270). Hub cap fell off and window wipers sound like a banshee.

Has anyone got some advice about the creaking dashboard? Also, is it normal for 2 cylinders to misfire at such a low mileage? Any advice or comments welcome - thank you!!

28th Feb 2007, 16:05

We have a 4 year old Skoda Fabia 1.4 16V.

We kept getting the engine management light coming on and then after about 3 starts it would go out again.

The car has always been sluggish to accelerate from stop, but once going was fine.

We managed to get the car into the dealer with the light still on and the computer gave an error. An error that had NO fix. Searching through their electronic information gave no fix, but one of the mechanics remembered the error code from a written bulletin update they received last year and the fix was new software.

The dealer loaded the new software free of charge (as the problem should have been fixed at the last service) and the car now drives correctly and no longer gives warning lights.

If your Fabia gives warning lights ask if there is new software for it.

4th Mar 2007, 11:21

Skoda Fabia 1.2 comfort 03 reg.

Had wiring loom replaced in June06, now is running very badly. Kicking, unless the engine warning light comes on - then runs smoothly, if with marginally less power.

Anyone got ideas? When last in the Skoda garage they flushed the injectors which worked for ten days! Any way of finding out if this is an ECU or Wiring or sensor fault?

I don't feel safe driving the car unless the warning light is on!

16th Jul 2007, 06:45

Fabia Elegance 1.4 16V on X plate.

Bought from Skoda dealer as approved used car and in the year's warranty we have had:

Leaking radiator replaced

Engine management sensor replaced (warning light on)

Brake pedal sensor replaced (warning light on)

Power steering sensor replaced (warning light on). This didn't solve the problem, however so a new steering rack was fitted.

New battery

Suspension bushes replaced (which had ruined a new pair of front tyres in 3000 miles.)

Another power steering sensor replaced.

Another steering rack is to be fitted next week.

Leaking rear doors.

Creaky dashboard.

Interior light keeps falling out.

Petrol leak from failed seal around sender unit.

Yet when it is working the car is a delight to drive. Would I recommend one, NOT LIKELY!!!

10th Aug 2007, 08:32

I bought a Fabia with the flickering lights problem. A new alternator didn't fix it (£75 for that wild guess from the dealer, quoted an unbelievable £485 to replace, my local garage did it for £175). But a new battery did, I got the Super-heavy duty ceramic one and that fixed it permanently. So it looks like the charging circuit is not well designed.

No other moans.