17th Aug 2007, 14:28

I am a second owner of Fabia Comfort 1.4 and I have driven with it 80000km and

- I have replaced steering rack two times

- water and oil sensors failures

- constant coolant leakage

- steering sensor failures

- Creaky dashboard

- ignition system failure (little bit helped when software update was made)

- Several sundry suspension failures, including a failed front replacement shock absorber

- I have seen all the error lights. (right now ABS light, power steering lights are burning) grrrrr..

I can't recommend it to anyone.

3rd Sep 2007, 05:44

I bought a Fabia 1.4 16v Elegance a year ago, I was aware of the warning light problems and the creaky dashboard (if never stops creaking... no matter what you try), but I had a strange problem where the lights dimmed and flickered, when driving at night this was particuarly worrying, after much searching I found out it was something called a 'Turn Angle Sensor' a part costing a few pounds once fitted, it was fine.

Now I have a problem with warning lights, its the 'Engine Management' light, I'm putting it into a garage as advised by websites such as these, hopefully it won't cost me too much?

Apart from that, the car is solid and lovely to drive, if a little sluggish from start.

Recommended car, but be aware of its common faults this may save you lots of money with main dealers.

2nd Oct 2007, 07:44

I just bought a W reg 1.4 16V Fabia Elegance with 67,000 miles in it. The first problem is the Engine Management light and the idling is erratic. I cleaned the air filter housing and replaced the air filter, but noticed the throttle is very dirty. Brought to a Skoda dealer and replaced the EGR at the same time they cleaned the throttle. The problem was corrected so far.

The next problem is the oil leakage from the gearbox and some rattling/noise on the suspension/transmission when it is running.

But still a very nice little car so far.

30th Oct 2007, 09:31

We've got one of the brand spanking new fabias and the engine management light has come on after 4500miles and the steering wheel creaks. Looks like a trip to our friendly skoda dealership at lest its under warranty.

10th Nov 2007, 15:36

Fabia 1.9 tdi 2001,owned by us from new, full service history, 96000 on the clock.

A smashing little car let down by poor quality electrical components. Two power steering sensors, 2 wheel bearings, suspension bushes replaced, 2 sets of discs, now needs new power steering pump at £650 and the ABS light has just come on. We also have the leaky rear doors.

In the past we have forgiven it its faults because it really has been a little belter, but, if the ABS fault is going to cost an arm and a leg to fix, perhaps it's time to call it a day.

Sorry, I can't recommend the Fabia as a used buy, far too many expensive faults for my liking.

I really have not had such an expensive car to fix and maintain in 35 years of car ownership and let's face it, it's hardly top end luxury, is it?

29th Nov 2007, 07:19


Oh the joy of the creaky dash, a good slap on the dash stops it for about 15-20mins.

Other Problems Encountered:

Coolant leak

Replaced drivers door locking barrel, passenger side going now.

Back doors let in rain even after new door.

Have replaced front suspension bushes, anti roll bar problems.

Y bar??? Bushes now need doing at @£400.00

There seems to be a trend of problems with the bushes.

I am not a happy customer and would no longer purchase or recommend a Skoda.

13th Dec 2007, 12:40

I have had a Skoda Fabia 1.4 16v Elegance 2001 (Y).

Not a bad little motor, but recently have had and engine management system problem; the light keeps coming on and off along with an orange steering wheel light.

Started car the other day and got stuck on 500rpm with the throttle doing nothing; switched off and wouldn't start for about 5 - 10 minutes after, what is this all about?

The car getting booked in on Saturday, but I am just interested in someone who knows what they are talking about's view here on carsurvey, as I am not very clued up on this. If anyone can help that would be great.



18th Dec 2007, 15:00

I recently purchased a 2002 51 plate Fabia 1.4 16V Comfort with only 32,000 miles on it. I've had a number of the problems mentioned in the above comments already.

Dimming headlights when the power steering is used - it is booked in for a new battery so I hope it is cured with that otherwise it sounds like a new steering position sensor.

Noisy interior heating fan which is apparently due to a common problem of leaves getting stuck in the inlet/pollen filter.

Dashboard rattles.

I've also got to get the complete anti-roll bar replaced and all associated bushes and links replaced. Very cross by this, it is obvious that the the plastic end stops on the anti roll-bar are a design flaw and should have been replaced as a recall. I've also got to get bushes replaced on the rear suspension.

I bought into the Skoda brand expecting VAG reliability and am therefore very disappointed by the endless list of common faults. A real shame as otherwise it is a lovely car and preferable to the Almera, 206 and Fiesta I test drove.

27th Dec 2007, 09:48

1.9 TDI 2002 Comfort

Can anyone offer any suggestions on the common fault that prevails on this car i.e. the leaking back doors???

28th Dec 2007, 10:37

After reading these comments most seem to be very minor faults, but then most Skoda stealers seem to be rip off merchants, it's an OK little car and all cars have issues find an indy garage to look after it.

16th Feb 2008, 13:26

Hi All.

I appear to have some of the problems mentioned, but not all of them maybe more will come.

Can anyone give me an idea as to the cost to rectify the anti-roll bar knocking issue?



22nd Feb 2008, 13:29


I own a Skoda Fabia, 1.4, 16v, petrol, model 2004. The mileage now is 40000 mile. I wonder if it is time to change the timing belt or not. Does anyone have a trusty information about this matter?

3rd Mar 2008, 07:43


I own a Fabia 1.4 16v ('03 plate) with 54,000 on the clock. It has just gone in for the piston rings to be replaced. I'm interested to hear from anyone else who has suffered this problem. It seems pretty poor on a car with such a low mileage (despite being nearly 5 years old, I'd expect a decent modern engine to be up above 120K mileage before suffering this fault).

Looking at other sites, it appears that the problem is not uncommon, and has been around some time. I'm particularly interested to hear from anyone who encountered this type of trouble before December 2005, and what, if any recompense they got from the manufacturer.


4th Mar 2008, 15:51

Hi: I bought reg 51 Skoda Fabia 1.4 8v with 45000 miles recently, and straight away noticed that it was slightly misfiring, so I took it to my local garage where it's been diagnosed as having lambda sensor fault ,amongst some other things which mechanic advised me to disregard.

I had a second hand lambda sensor fitted, but it didn't solve the problem, so I tried another, again a second hand one, and it seemed to have worked, but it's doing it again.

The car had another problem as well, which seems to be a common problem that these cars suffer from; flickering of head lamps. I had the alternator tested by 2 different electricians & they both advised it was OK. I tried another alternator as well, but it didn't work, so I had the battery tested & it was low, so it was replaced. The lights were OK for couple of days, so I thought the problem was solved, but they started flickering again. I had the battery tested again & it's fine.

Can anyone suggest any solutions to this problem? Do you think it could be a faulty steering angle sensor switch, & if it turned out to be that, will the local garage be able to fit new one on, or does it have to be a dealer, & does it need reprogramming etc?

By the way, the engine was a bit noisy, so I had to have new timing chain fitted, which solved the problem.

Also the rear passenger side door leaks as well.

Please let me know if you can help. Much appreciated.