20th Feb 2013, 16:05

I bought a second hand '02 Skoda Fabia 1.4 MPI with 75,000 miles about six months ago. Appealed to me as it looked like it had had a gentle life owned by older people (and the tyres needed replacing due to age rather than wearing, which is always a good sign!). Lots of minor problems with it though including:

- Taking a long time for engine to warm up with poor economy until it has.

- Water leaks into and slightly through the doors in heavy rain.

- Problems with doors locking and unlocking when there has been heavy rain (presumably as water has been getting into the electrics). On one occasion I returned to the car in a public car park, and it had unlocked itself and wound down its front electric windows!

- Juddery start from warm. And you can't touch the accelerator when starting until the revs settle, otherwise it cuts out.

- And then today the engine warning light has come on.

All in 3,000 miles. I still kind of like it for some reason though. But I wouldn't buy another.

21st Feb 2013, 04:56

Good morning,

My Skoda Fabia 1.2, 2008, was sold to me with a number of problems that were obvious to me, but the dealer managed to divert my attention on the matters, and today I am suffering.

First thing is my air conditioning. From day 1, it never worked correctly, but when taking it back to the dealer, they rapidly managed to touch things I did not quite understand and my A/C started to function. They even told me that they had changed the evaporator. Well 3 years later I have no A/C and the warranty is finished.

My EPC sensor light comes on, and the car stops and loses power. Though the heating of the car was always there. I was using the car. I had to, it is my only way of moving around. I need my A/C, but don't have $1500.00 to fix it as it is the price they said it would cost. Thank you for any advice; I can't stand up for more than 100 minutes.

2nd Aug 2013, 17:38

You have to go direct to Skoda for that. £115-120 for it. Don't get it from anywhere else, trust me.

2nd Aug 2013, 18:03

I had the fuel problem too. Had it tested, and it came back as fuel trim too rich; too much fuel going into the engine. Not enough O2.

2nd Aug 2013, 18:06

There is a video on YouTube showing you how to fix the leak problem.

22nd Dec 2013, 04:59

Hi, just reading reviews on Fabias. Got one given to me, and they all seem to be rubbish.

Your uphill power problem is the same as mine; is this normal? Was considering scrapping my 51 plate 1.7 DTi Astra, with faults, but nowhere like the Fabia.

I think I'll just drive the Fabia to the scrapyard; they don't seem to be very good.

23rd May 2014, 13:33

Think I would find another garage if I was you. Skodas are as reliable as VW, built in the same factory, and often the same parts!