28th Apr 2009, 02:53


I too have had the problems listed above, but am getting worried as no one has any real answers to these problems.

I have already spent €1000 fixing the wrong problems - steering unit, battery but obviously that did not work.

Can anyone who managed to solve the power steering and battery problem, please shed any light on the matter.

All of my electrics failed one day as I was driving, no wipers (it was raining), no power steering, indicators, nothing. I had been to the garage just the week before and they thought it had been fixed again. I had to swerve off the road like a mad person!

As with other comments, I find the dealer garage not of any help.

Any thoughts would be appreciated,

27th May 2009, 05:26

Hi just thought I'd update on the comment I left on 24th March in regards to my Fabia having erratic idle and no end of other problems. Skoda mis-diagnosed the problem, costing me £230 (from an independent garage) for a new throttle body.. problems remained. So back it went to Skoda to have a new accelerator pedal, and a new water pump, which also meant a new cam belt at the reduced cost of £355, as I argued with Skoda that I'd been messed around and had already paid £230 for a part my car never needed, which did fix the erratic idle and over revving.

I'm still having problems with the steering light every so often, which Skoda think is an electrical fault.. and to top it off my engine management light has come on today, so off it goes again to Skoda for a diagnostics. I'm also wondering whether it's worth biting the bullet and replacing the steering angle sensor, as this seems to fix the steering light and flickering lights for most people. You can buy them on ebay quite cheap, so may be worth it in the long run.

Other than all that, a good little car LOL.

6th Jul 2009, 03:12

I bought a Y reg Skoda Fabia Comfort 1.4 a month ago. Engine management light came on and stayed on. Took it to a Skoda dealership for a diagnostic and came up with a fault with the EGR. Had that replaced at over £200, was fine for about 200 miles and has come back on again! Thing is, it's running like a dream, so I don't know what to do now.

13th Jul 2009, 17:01

I've owned cars from vdumb, I mean dub group for 10 years. Every one has had stupid electrics, usually to do with central locking and windows or revs/engine management. They just can't get it right.

First Audi 100; revving erratically; airflow meter and sensor £10 from scrappie (700 from Audi).

Next Passat; lock car, car unlocks and all windows come down. Couldn't be bothered fixing it. Locking it from the boot seemed to work (guess there was a leak or sensor gone somewhere).

Seat Leon; engine management light repeatedly coming on, fix was new lambda sensors or ignition coils (what's wrong with a dizzy and ht leads).

Now my skoda Fabia 1.4 comfort. Engine management light intermittent, think there's water in the electrics as it happens more regularly in the wet. Changed ignition coils; helped a little, but not fixed completely (hasn't done it for a while, so will start now I've mentioned).

Knocking coming from suspension (first check stabilizer bars), but more likely you've got one of Skodas lovely cracked springs. Mine just broke in half after knocking, then noticed some springy noises at low speed turns, then a bang on a low speed bump (don't replace with Skoda springs, get after market ones).

Well so much for VW being reliable. I'm going back to British 1935 Austin 7; works like a dream, no lights flickering when power steering pump gets low on fluid/power, no stupid sensors going causing a perfectly working car to stop working, no warning lights telling you your car is about to spontaneously combust. And environmentally friendly; it was made over 70 years ago and is worth 10x what it was when new.

Why don't we all go back to basics? And never never go to VW dealership, go to an independent VW garage. Certainly all they know at VW is plug a laptop in (probably with broken sensors) to your car to calculate how much money they can drain from you.

1st Aug 2009, 10:25

I have had my Fabia 1.4 Comfort from new (7/2000), and when it has a problem it's a BIG one. Mine was one of those that had a water pump design fault which Skoda eventually fixed. Then three years later we couldn't use it for two months, as the part for it had to come from Poland and there was some kind of problem getting it.

Over the years we have had ongoing issues, including the rain or cold weather messing with the electric windows or doors and the sunroof leaking. However, it ran okay and my daughter loves this car.

Now, the power-steering has gone and the dealership are talking about £650++ plus labour plus VAT. I am a lone parent and am wondering should I start saving for this work or leave it. I've been driving it with on/off power-steering.

It doesn't qualify for the cash-back as it's a year short. Should I just swop it, but for what? My daughter and I depend totally on our car, Wilbur. Any suggestions?

Best Wishes and Thanks.

PS, London.

7th Aug 2009, 12:49

To previous poster, get the power steering pump from scrap yard (some will take it off for you) then get local garage to fit it. For people with the management warning light try wiggling/unplug and replug the connections to sensors in engine bay it may just be a dodgy connection. I had my light on again all week and did this, I also shook the ECU (silver box at passenger side bulkhead). Now the light is off yay.

21st Aug 2009, 13:29

This has shed a lot of light on the problems I have with my Skoda.

Effectively I think we may as well just ignore the erratic engine management light as it comes on and of as it pleases.

My 'power' windows are of constant irritation as they choose to work only when they want.

There is a constant rattling noise under the car that has been there 2 years now, but not stopped it from working...

So either spend shed loads of cash fixing these 'problems' or just ride with it and be sensible, check the car regularly and treat it as you would one before all the amazing warning lights were introduced!

Happy driving guys.

22nd Sep 2009, 13:37

My Fabia had the flickering lights, which was cured by replacing the steering angle sensor. My knocking noise at the front was caused by worn suspension bushes and anti-roll bar. Engine management light on was caused by coolant temperature sensor and thermostsat housing. The lambda problem was cured by the local Skoda garage also. They upgraded the software in my engine control module. My 03 1.4l now runs like a dream. I should have left it to the Skoda dealer in the first place, which would have saved me 7 months of heartache.

28th Sep 2009, 20:56

The 'Which' special car survey for 2009 rate owner satisfaction for Skoda as 'very good' and make no mention of the faults listed, repeatedly, in the previous comments regarding the Skoda Fabia. I was just to purchase an 02 Elegance estate car based on their information and I am so glad that I visited this site first.

How can companies be allowed to behave like this?