20th Dec 2009, 11:07

I have had a 1.4 8 valve Comfort from new, 2001. It's been serviced regularly, mainly by myself as Skoda dealers don't seem to be able to do anything that I can't.

Main problems are:-

Lights flicker all the time, not just when turning.

Power steering weighting varies from too light to almost nothing.

Power steering light and engine management light come on and off apparently at random.

Engine not reaching temp due to housing not retaining thermostat properly. About to replace another housing 18 month after last.

Wipers make dreadful noise. New blades and arms make no difference.

The car is OK to drive but pretty gutless and economy not great. My 20 year Cavalier is as good on both counts, and is much bigger car (and doesn't suffer all the mystery faults of the Fabia).

I won't buy another Fabia. Will be very cautious of any VAG car.

1st Feb 2010, 07:15

Owned my Fabia 1.9TDI from new and had the same issues.

Leaking rear doors - Skoda known fault.

Heating goes from 0 to max on its own.

Power steering failure.

The power steering issue is mainly due to battery voltage being low, first thing to fail is your power steering. Recharge your battery ASAP and it goes away. It's rarely the sensor failing.

Same with the engine management lights coming on; recharge your battery and they go away.

Looks like there is a problem with the alternator/diode pack. Noticed once that if you rev above 3000 RPM, wipers speed up. Check the two main earths are not corroded and your battery terminals are clean and tight. Saves a fortune on garage charges.

The bushes have failed a number of times, get a local garage to do them, saves a fortune.

6th Feb 2010, 02:13

I have a 1.4 MPI Fabia estate 2002 at 80k. Been a fine car until recently, but not as bad as some mentioned here.

1. Handbrake sticks on. I have twice had the local garage out to hammer the rear drum to free the brakes. They have stripped the rear brakes down and can find nothing wrong. Leave it in gear with the handbrake off.

2. Squeaks. The suspension squeaks from all four corners and in the engine bay. I don't know if it indicates something, but I just live with it.

3. Battery failed and I experienced failure of power steering. Clearly the link between battery and power steering as all OK with a new battery.

4. Engine management light on. Garage says it's coming from the Lambda sensor and to ignore it. However the car has become very thirsty and erratically has lost power on uphill driving. Suspect the catalytic converter has gone west, but why? Next job is to have the cat checked out.

5. Seems to leak water into rear N/S passenger footwell, but I can't see any obvious point of ingress.

6. Air conditioning failed about two years ago. I just open the window (winder type - not electric.)

7th Feb 2010, 07:04

Hi all, I have Skoda '01 MPI 1.4 petrol, and recently all kinds of problems started to appear:

1. The engine temp gauge is never rising while driving on a motorway. It does come up while parked after the engine gets warmed up, but falls down when on the road. I have replaced the coolant sensor, since the engine light was on and the computer showed the fault, but didn't help.

2. Squeaking noise in the front and rear suspension while changing gears, usually after a rain or below 0 temperatures. Don't know what the real deal is here, so I guess will be looking for the garage to find it out.

3. Radio is always acting on me; when on the radio it starts to scan through channels and can't do anything. Any button pressed starts to act as bass control. Sometimes instead of scanning, it gives me to store the channel mode, where no sound, no nothing.

4. Electrical windows were not responding to the buttons pressed, and came back on and were working again.

5. When starting the engine after it gets cold, I get a cut off when pressing the accelerator. Start to drive and same happens for about 5-10mins. When switched to neutral gear, the engine cuts off from time to time.

Was really happy with the car when bought a year ago, but all of that just changed my opinion about Skoda Fabias.

Any ideas what could be the reasons for the above faults please reply to this. Thanks.

8th Feb 2010, 16:23

Hi all.

Until recently my Skoda TDi has behaved brilliantly, but now I wish I had bought bicycle!!!

Right now the car seems to start from cold, but refuses to start when warm!!! WHY???

Like every Skoda owner there, my power steering goes mad, and the light does come on, but only in hot weather.

The window switches change sides when they want to, and the rear foot wells resemble a small pond, all I need is a couple of ducks!!!

I can live with most of the problems, but the starting issue is really bugging me, any ideas anyone.. PLEASE!!!

19th Feb 2010, 13:43

Bought 2001 Fabia 14/2/2010. Wish I hadn't bothered, had it for 2 days and the power steering failed, lights flickering, took back to garage where I bought it, on the way the temp gauge was not working. What have I gone and bought. The car still in garage 18/2/2010, mechanic has no idea what is wrong with it. I've now had to hire a car until I get mine back, what an expensive valentines day that was.

27th Feb 2010, 16:23

We have owned our Skoda Fabia Comfort 02 from new. It immediately had a problem with the tailgate mechanism, which seemed to fail at all the most embarrassing moments, a problem that still continues to this day despite the attention of a Skoda garage.

We also have a well lit up dashboard, two new rollbars fitted, rear door leakage, an incurable noise coming from somewhere under the car.

Just recently, adding to the well lit up dashboard, a new light complete with irritating high pitched warning noise.

All of these things were too expensive to throw money at. No Skoda for me next time.

15th Mar 2010, 14:47

I have a Fabia on a 54 plate. I have 37000 on the clock and just been told that the suspension has gone!!! I drive on one road each day that has speed humps, and do not really go that far in it, just to work and back. I cannot believe that the shocks have gone so soon on such low mileage. Any advice would help, as I am about to start a battle with the garage and the council.

5th Apr 2010, 19:05

Bought 2002 Skoda Fabia 1.4 five weeks ago. I've owned over 50 cars but never bought a Skoda before. Must say I love it.

Since I've had it, I've noticed it does not idle even, but it's hardly noticeable, but now the engine management light comes on now and then, but the car runs fine.

8th May 2010, 12:28

Bought a Skoda Fabia 1.4 Comfort 2004. This was recently broken into and the handbook was stolen, along with the radio etc. Since then the clock won't reset and the mile meter automatically comes on when starting a journey. Does anyone have an address to get a second hand handbook or can explain why/how to reset the clock?

Thanks. This is our second Fabia, and we love them.