20th Apr 2008, 15:32

Hi All, my problem is with my Skoda Fabia 1.2. For months the Engine Management Light has been on and I've been told by various mechanics that I needed a a new catalytic convertor, running a systems check returns a reading that the error is with a bank 1 sensor. Last week a mechanic told me all I needed was to get a Lambda sensor changed. I had this done and two days later the Engine Management Light has come back on! It is getting increasingly frustrating as a I've been told a new catalytic convertor will set me back about 800€ before labour charges. Does anyone reading this have any idea if there is anything else that could be causing this problem that would be remedied in a less expensive way? All suggestions welcomed. Thank you.

27th Apr 2008, 14:12

SKODA; can anybody advise me about my second hand Skoda Fabia 1400 diesel 54 plate, purchased from the main dealers? The car is wearing tyres on the inside of the front wheels. New Michelin tyres fitted 2000 miles ago are already badly worn. Car has been taken back to the dealers, re-tracked, balanced re-aligned etc, on 3 occasions since I purchased the car. They keep telling me that there is nothing wrong, and cannot find any problem. I do not drive at speed or aggressively so I cannot put it down to my driving style.

29th May 2008, 09:07

I bought a Skoda Fabia Elegance in 2001 silver, manual gearbox, and it was fine for the 45,000 miles I did, no problems at all, so did not have to use my 3 year warranty.

I now have a storm grey Fabia 1.4 16v auto gearbox, purchased May 2005 which has just finished its 3 year warranty. Once again no problems at all. My mileage is currently 38000. I have decided to do my own oil/filter change this time and save a bit of money. I thoroughly recommend getting an auto box as this makes for such stress free motoring, on todays busier roads.

I will be buying a Fabia Estate (new shape) with auto (naturally) in the within the next year.

20th Jul 2008, 08:26

Probably an intermittent coil pack. The garage could swap the coil packs around and see if the error moves to a different bank. A new coil pack costs about £30, and those made before 2003 are prone to failure, and VAG replaced many under goodwill.

26th Jul 2008, 06:23

Having read the previous accounts of Fabia problems, I thought I would add my own tale. Two years ago, my wife inherited a 2001 1.4 Comfort Auto from her father, who had owned it from new and faithfully followed the service schedule. It was fine for about a year - an excellent car even - then the problems started. The "engine" and ECP lights came on - intermittently at first, then constantly, accompanied by frequent stalling.. Skoda dealer charged me £200 to clean out the inlet manifold, saying that the air flow sensor was contaminated with oil, "possible evidence of piston ring wear" - this on a car that had only done 30K miles. this cured the problem for about 2 months - so I decided to try and live with it. I have had the right/left electric window problem, and recently the power steering has failed - the lights on all the time and heavy steering at low speed.

Never before have I driven a car where the dash lights up like a Christmas tree all the time telling me what's wrong with it!

I will take it to the dealer soon, but fear that they will want £1000 or thereabouts for a new power steering pump etc. at which time my association with Skoda will be at an end and the car in the scrappy.

20th Aug 2008, 08:35

Hi. I have a W reg Skoda Fabia 16v Comfort on 42000 miles. Have had piston rings changed, window switch trouble and repeated engine management warning lights.

However the big problem for me is that the engine revs dip unaccountably as I'm driving along. I can't find any common links between occurrences. I can be anywhere - fast on motorways, pulling out of roundabouts, going steadily along a lane or up a hill - and the engine loses 1500 revs for a couple of seconds then recovers itself. Skoda UK can't help, nor can 2 main dealers or my local garage. Anyone had this problem and know what it might be?

26th Aug 2008, 11:17

Hi there, I am Dan and I put a little comment in ages ago on my Skoda Fabia if you read past comments about my engine management.

Yes my anti roll bar went too haha. Well I have had that sorted and apparently that is a very common fault with these, and only up until the past 6 months have they re-designed and done something to the anti roll bar which is now stronger (we'll see).

The engine management has come back on and I'm just living with it. Doesn't seem to affect the car in the slightest. Although I have been told it is some kind of circuit.

But if you have the anti roll bar problem, get it changed ASAP as it killed both of my 2 NEW front tyres in a month, and it turned the car into what feels like a sailing boat when driving. However after all these faults, don't be put off them because they have a lot of good sides too..



3rd Sep 2008, 12:51

I have a Fabia ambiante 64bhp, its on an 06 plate and has done 14,000 miles and has just broken down, diagnosed as a coil pack!!!

25th Sep 2008, 06:49

I bought a Fabia 1.4 8v Comfort back in Feb 2008.

Steering angle sensor off ebay £55 sorted all problems with lights flickering and loss of power steering. I was quoted £800 for new steering pump, but this wasn't even the problem.

Leaking radiator and temperature warning light sorted by fitting a new radiator fan switch.

Also had to fit new wishbones and bushes to eliminate creaking under braking.

I did this all myself for under £200, just remove the battery terminals if changing any sensors or switches, as this will wipe the fault codes in the system.

Just don't take to a SKODA dealership, as they are no help at all and will rip you off big time.

6th Oct 2008, 11:11

I have the same problem as above with my Skoda Fabia 1.4 MPI. The revs dip randomly, occasionally resulting in stalling. I've tried replacing temp sensor as was told that was the problem, but it hasn't fixed it. The engine management light comes on sometimes, but will then disappear of its own accord. Really not sure what is causing the problem. Any ideas?

28th Oct 2008, 23:30

I have a Skoda 1.4 Elegance W reg 100Bhp. I have all the problems like the rest of you guys. I drive on the motorway and the revs suddenly drop to zero and instantly recover to normal. Every couple of days the EPC light comes on and on occasions the car will not take any acceleration and if you as much as touch the gas pedal it stalls. This goes after 10 min or so. I also experience the light flickering and the buzzing noise. Help!!!