2013 SsangYong Actyon from Australia and New Zealand


You get what you pay for


Transmission slips and sticks in gear sometimes when slowing down. Been back to dealership for this, but they have yet to rectify it

General Comments:

Ugliest and stupidest looking vehicle on the road, but they are cheap... which is why my boss bought a few of them as company cars (maybe he wanted to punish us for not making him enough money?). It drives well, though it is not very fuel efficient for a diesel. Mine average 9.5 litres per 100km in mixed driving. By comparison, my 2001 Saab 9-3 high output turbo petrol averages 7.4 litres per 100km.

The Actyon is cheap and reasonably well equipped, but for a few grand more you could have a much better Mitsu Triton

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Review Date: 26th September, 2013

9th Jul 2014, 10:47

You are making a very poor comparison between a ute and a passenger car. A ute weighs around 2000 kg, whereas your Saab would be around 1250 kg. Weight has a massive effect on fuel economy. You should be pleased you are averaging what you do.

You say a Mitsi would be better, but how so? The Actyon has a better interior, and you cannot seriously claim a Triton is better looking. The Actyon sports a 6 speed auto, rides better, and can tow a respectable 2300 kg.

10th Jul 2014, 08:29

Pickup trucks (or utes), as well as commercial vans (like a Toyota Hi-Ace or a Mitsubishi Delica/L300) are geared differently, to be able to pull heavy loads up hills, so they will not be fast, and they will use more fuel.

16th Jul 2014, 17:06

I also own one of these Actyon Sports, bought it in 2012. After 50,000 KM the transmission slips very often or is stuck in the default gear. Took it to the repair shop, they replaced the clutch kit, however the problem still exists. I am totally frustrated, as I am unable to determine what is the cause or to have the problem resolved.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

15th Sep 2014, 11:40


Regarding the transmission problem, it sounds similar to what my brother's 2011 model with similar km is doing.

If you find the solution, can you please post it here?

Thanks and good luck.

22nd Mar 2015, 12:10

Are you talking about the automatic or the manual model here?

The 6 speed autos (the AUSTRALIAN made DSI units) are duds. They are prone to slipping and being a general pain in the butt. This is no doubt why Ford and Holden both unceremoniously dumped DSI from their supplier list - owners of those vehicles have reported the same problems.

2nd Feb 2016, 00:04

I have a 2012 Ssangyong.

Just getting my head around the problem; it looks like its on the way out, as the more I've been looking into what's been going on, I think the clutch pack is done.

I like the truck - the motor runs well. Would buy another.

Looks like it's going to be a project to get it sorted.

2006 SsangYong Actyon 2.0 turbo diesel from Chile


Almost a very good car


Differential noise when engaging a gear, later fix under warranty at 10,000 km.

Driver's door not opening, some plastic parts broken, fixed myself because the dealer made me wait a week for an appointment.

General Comments:

I am very pleased with the car, looks ugly I know, but I got it because of the size/efficiency factor.

In Chile the diesel price was 2/3 of the gas price, but now it's not, so it's not practical anymore to have a diesel car.

I am getting avg. 9.5 km/l (not so good).

It has room in the cabin, but it has too small a trunk (cargo area), even with the folded rear seats.

A/C needs some power; on summer days it needs a long time to get cool inside.

The engine is OK, but the AT gear box (4 speed) needs improvement.

One of the fine point of the car is its quietness.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2009

17th Nov 2009, 16:37

I drove an Actyon as test drive. I really did fall in love with car. I think I'm gonna buy one.

1st Dec 2009, 15:22

I've been driving an Actyon (five door, automatic) for a couple of months and couldn't be happier! We have not tried it off-road yet, but it's lovely to drive in the city. Much better steering than on the Audi A4 and the automatic is smooth (sometimes there is a little bump when going from 4th to 2nd though). Fuel is about 0.85l / 10km in the city and the diesel has good power. If you don't need to carry big things in the trunk, it's a great buy!

18th Dec 2009, 12:21

I've had my marine blue Actyon 2.3 Auto since Nov this year. I loved it when I first saw it, and love it more with each day.

It's tough and looks the part, unlike all those other soft roaders.

I've heard many complaints about the pitch and roll of the car. But that's exactly how cars with ladder frames and body on frame responds to terrain.

Sure it isn't as quick as some Japanese models. Big deal, I'm 46, so what do I know about speed anyway?

It has a really smooth engine that is identical to the Mercs from the late 90s.

Haven't yet met anybody who didn't like its looks. It's a radical looking SUV with a "don't mess with me look". The car IS me and reflects my persona to a T.