You get what you pay for

119 words, Australia and New Zealand, 6 comments


Actyon Sports X2TD 2.0 turbo diesel intercooler

A very useful and comfy car

149 words, Colombia


Actyon 2.0 Turbo Diesel

It's an amazing vehicle to own

312 words, Australia and New Zealand

Actyon Q100 4x4 dual cab 2.0 litre turbo diesel

Well engineered, well built, and a pleasure to drive

623 words, Australia and New Zealand


Actyon Xdi 2.0 turbo diesel

The ugly duckling who grew up to be a swan

116 words, Philippines, 1 comment


Actyon Sports 2.0 turbo diesel

Not worth your time

31 words, Australia and New Zealand

Actyon A200S 2.0 XDI turbo diesel

Love it or hate it?

364 words, Hong Kong, 68 comments


Actyon 2.0 turbo diesel

Almost a very good car

149 words, Chile, 3 comments