2004 Subaru Baja Turbo 2.5 turbo from North America


Baja can do anything (within reason)


Nothing really wrong, besides little plastic clips breaking inside.

General Comments:

I have owned my Baja Turbo coming up on a year now. Awesome car. Initially, I bought the car for little hauls, computers, while still having a lot of space for fellow employee commutes to work. MPG isn't great, but when you buy a turbo, you have to ignore that factor. The Baja can be used for larger items; you just have to think a little in advance to get the items in there.

ITEM: 2 250CC Dirt bikes in the bed. With a little engineering and welding, I have gotten two full size dirt bikes in the bed and not hanging past the tailgate. See picture. http://upload7.postimage.org/515158/photo_hosting.html

ITEM: 8 Sheets of 3/4 Plywood; 18 2x4x10; 6 2x4x12 using some of my ramp mounts, tailgate down, bed-extender on, all wood placed angle up toward the front of the car. Plywood on top of that and winched down.

I love my Baja. Stay on top of changing the oil (synthetic) and a tune up every once in a while, and the car will last forever.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2007

11th Nov 2008, 17:45

No means to be insulting, but I thought turbo models started in 2004? Or maybe your Baja is built in late 2003 and branded as a 2004?

22nd Feb 2013, 20:17

Most cars are manufactured the year before the stated year. A 2003 manufacture year is "2004".

Look on the panels on your own car for that verification.

2005 Subaru Baja Turbo 2.5 boxer turbo from North America


Comfortable, quiet, responsive motoring, good utility, great all weather performance


So far there have been no service issues beyond normal maintenance.

General Comments:

Very quiet and comfortable. Suspension is very compliant in the rough stuff and cornering on pavement is quite flat and precise with minimal body roll, considering the generous ground clearance. Seats are good on the long haul with good lumbar, bottom and side support. Steering offers excellent feedback and is quick and precise. Handling is very secure in all weather and performance snow tires make it unstoppable in the bad stuff. Turbo motor is responsive and smooth, but gas mileage could be better.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2006

2005 Subaru Baja sport from North America


Fantastic vehicle that's fun, sure, and reliable!



General Comments:

Great concept car, perfect for the weekend project or the daily commute. It's powerful, sure footed, and drives like a dream. It is a solid vehicle with all the creature comforts you want. Very sporty. Having owned 4 SUV's before this AWD, I can tell you there is no comparison! The AWD is head and shoulders above the 4x4 in handling snow and rain and wind. I am a Suburu convert! Gas is about the same as SUVs, and slightly better then trucks.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2006

18th Feb 2006, 10:58

Makes you wonder why Subaru is having such a tough time selling these...

18th May 2006, 14:34

Can you go up a tire size with AWD cars like the Baja?

1st Mar 2007, 05:30

The Baja isn't a bad car. I got one. What Subaru did, was try to make a vehicle for people who were either in college or just getting out. Good company, but they totally misread the market, and last I heard, still had some 2005's sitting in storage unsold. The car just cost too much for people just starting out in life.

So instead of people buying them for surfboards and skies, us middle-aged people who can afford them find them perfect for dump runs, trips to the hardware store, or a local greenhouse.

I do carry a bike now and then.

8th Mar 2007, 06:46

Apparently not enough middle-aged people were buying them, which may be why Subaru quietly dropped the Baja after 2006.

26th Sep 2008, 22:19

I bought my daughter her baja for the last year of high school and now in college. Have to drive on the 4 seasons of Dakota roads. Best and safest vehicle on ice or gravel there has been made. Got 27 MPG before the first oil change and been about 24 to 29 in all conditions. Rides better and more stable than our 05 Outback. Seats seem to fit good and only beef is that the rear seat should have been made to hold and seat-belt 3 people, minor to say the least. Interior lighting when its dark out could be better also. Go Subaru.I'd buy another but don't want my daughter to lose that special feeling.