1992 Subaru Fiori 0.8 from Australia and New Zealand


Safer than a motorbike, but similar fun!



General Comments:

I bought this car as a backup ,"quirky" car to my Holden Nova. I do a lot of daily driving between workplaces and it makes a lot of sense, running older cars, to have two.

For its roadworthy the Subaru needed a CV rubber boot, a new windscreen, replacement indicator/lighting stalk and that's about it. Bear in mind, parts are not so easy to source, but they are around... (still).

Not very long after I had transferred the Fiori, my Nova self-combusted big time, so the Fiori became the daily driver. It starts first time; it sounds like a banshee, you can rev it to hell, and of course it can be parked in the smallest of spaces. Will do 110+ on the freeway, but is more comfortable around 90kph. It's a fifth gear car; once over 60 you should be in 5th.

So far it hasn't once let me even think I would have a problem, and fuel economy is significant; saving over $30 AUD a week!

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Review Date: 26th September, 2016

3rd Apr 2018, 08:57

An update. With nearly 190000 km up, I've had to get the alternator reconditioned. I thought the head-gasket was on the way out (water showing up in the oil), but using one of those head reco "potions" actually has worked!!

1991 Subaru Fiori LNo8 0.8 from Australia and New Zealand


Reintroduce that car again!


Clutch replaced from 2nd hand engine fitted, and rusty battery box, been repaired.

General Comments:

Own a V8 Commodore. It sleeps in the shed most of the time. Can't beat my Suburu Fiori, she's the best!

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Review Date: 1st February, 2007

1991 Subaru Fiori from Australia and New Zealand


This little car is incredible


Panel very flimsy, dents too easily.

Stitching on seats coming undone.

General Comments:

This vehicle has been written off twice by my son, Has been resurrected by myself and has just done a 4000km trip to Cairns, only problem was the air con switch.

Only cost $200 in total for fuel.

We just love this car and will keep it on the road forever and then use it in the lounge room as a coffee table.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2006

28th Jan 2007, 20:49

Yes! Just about to buy one. Its such a small compact little beggar... just what you need to take those parking spots that the big guys can't get into!

2nd Jan 2009, 23:07

Subaru Fiori; the most fun you can have with a little car. Mine has a full body kit, 2" pipe, pod filter. It sounds great and looks great. I will be buried in my Fiori.

26th Sep 2009, 07:08

See my previous comment - Have now sold the STI as it was never used since buying the Fiori, and to satisfy my performance side, I am about to purchase another (Fiori that is).

This time though it will be a cheap run-down, and unregistered vehicle to be built into a Kawasaki powered rocket!

19th Apr 2010, 03:28

These cars are very responsive for their size and power output. I currently own one, and have been considering putting on a quad motorcycle carburetor setup and screamer exhaust. Just advancing the timing a little and richening the mixture gives good increases in power output.

These cars are a surprising little package. I wish I could find a back seat for mine, as I have a child to carry and may need to get rid of it soon. This vehicle is priceless.

1991 Subaru Fiori M80 758cc SOHC 8v inline 4 from Australia and New Zealand


The second car the fuel company's love to hate


The previous owner didn't wash the battery support and it rusted through, but my brother is a panel beater so he replaced it for me.

When I bought the car the points were shot. So I replaced them and I have put a new fuel sender unit in too.

General Comments:

I have owned a Sherpa, which suffered from rust and she died.

But now I have my Fiori now and I love this little car. She uses 5 litres or less per hundred, she runs Castrol Magnatec 10w 30 and gets serviced every 5000 km. I can only get 104km/h out it and am going to put 13 inch by 165 by 80 on her to get even better fuel economy.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2004

21st Aug 2004, 02:08

I am happy to know there is someone else out there who loves their Fiori. I have a set of 13" alloys, window tint, lowered and stiffer suspension package, (a combination of Holden Barina and Audi coil springs, after market exhaust, and CD/MP3 player with 4" speakers in the dash and 6x 9 three ways behind the seats. I have also re-trimmed he cargo area and door trims. It looks fantastic goes great and the fuel economy is superb. Oh by the way, I have hit 130km/h in mine, off road, of course.