6th Dec 2004, 01:08

Hey I got a fiori too its my first car and its awesome, its fairly stock at the moment accept tint and stereo I wanna do some engine work, but what else can be done to these little beasts?



26th Dec 2004, 16:14

This is where it gets difficult, you can't buy off the shelf performance parts for these cars, so you need to have some mechanical knowledge. Don't forget though, that when you increase the power output, always consider brakes, suspension and steering, (They are only designed for the car's standard power output).

That said though, I am presently looking at having the block bored to increase cubic capacity, the head port, polished and decked, and a new camshaft or regrind. I am going to finish it off with a set of extractors, (custom made).

You will get a heap of funny looks and people will ask why do you bother. The best part is going to be sitting at the lights and blowing the first "performance" car away.

The Fiori has the potential to be the ultimate 'sleeper'.

1st May 2005, 08:07

130? Is that all? :P So yeah Fiori's rock. Mine is just about stock except the EGR system has been disconnected as the exhaust system guy couldn't find a new valve. Now it sounds even tougher than before! (induction noise as the piping is just redirected). Just wondering how I go about getting bigger wheels... (speedo & stuff). I really didn't think anyone would go as far with their Fiori's as you guys have, but I am impressed :D.

19th May 2005, 05:02

I'm really happy with my 2nd hand 1991 Fiori, but hit a 'roo recently and can't find a replacement driver's side headlight in Australia. Any ideas? Am wondering which countries these cars were sold in and were they only known as Fiori?

1st Jul 2005, 08:33

I have a 1990 Fiori as well. Runs pretty sweet too. As far as technical information on the Fiori, I have a little info for ya.

Sold in other countries as a Subaru "REX", and also a 4 seat option, the Fiori (Latin for flower) is the last of the 2 generations of Subaru K-cars sold in Australia (the first being the Sherpa). Makes finding parts easier.

Mods done to my Fiori to-date are stereo, spoiler, tacho, honed intake, carburettor replaced, rebuild and modifications, de-pinstriping and badging.

I don't plan to do too much to this engine as far as interior mechanics are concerned, as I have planned a Vivio (Generation after Fiori) engine transplant (650cc EFI SUPERCHARGED).

At the moment I am currently in the middle of an electrical system overhaul, as the economy has dwindled to a shocking 8k/litre (!!!), but not too concerned, as a Vivio front cut has been ordered :D:D:D.

If anybody has any technical questions or requires parts, please get me at doug_trio@hotmail via email or MSN.

Brisbane people, email me please, let's organise a cruise :D.


4th Nov 2005, 23:32

I have a Subaru fiori 1990 mod. The head gasket has currently blow and I have no idea on the sequence to bolt the head back on and have not been able to come across this information. If anyone knows the sequence please add to this site. IAM looking forward to getting my beast back on the road.

3rd Jan 2006, 05:53


Well I have just purchased a 1991 Fiori dark blue, with a few dents here and there.

I've been reading up on these little weapons and what I have read is true, they are such a rad car.

Just some questions that someone may know the answer to..?

1 - Does anyone know where you can purchase a back seat or two from?

2 - And what's the weight of one of these little monsters?

Thanks peoples...

Peace out... Muzza-C.

8th Jan 2006, 17:54

Hi All!

Glad to see other people love these little beasts!! Mine is a red 92, mods ATM are a Pioneer MP3 deck, Sony AMP, pioneer 6x9's, 2 1/2 inch stainless exhaust. Some white Vinyl Decals all over. Looks mad and sounds tough!

Just needs a bit more grunt! will look into a vivio transplant, any ideas how much it would cost and where I could get one??

Keep it real guys, I dunno if we can attach photos, but I'll try a bit later.


6th Jul 2006, 07:18

Hi Geoff.

I have a 1990 Fiori with only 44000km's on the clock. It can sound a little 'clunky' in the bottom end (especially when cold) but it's never given me any problems (I have had her for over a year).

I also find the rear brakes to be a bit noisy. The noise is most obvious after hitting the brakes while reversing (down my driveway) : the first couple of times using the brakes while going forward it sounds like my brake pads are worn out, but they're fine.

I can't tell you a lot about the gears 'cause mine only has four, but mine is just as happy at low revs as it is at high revs... It'll do well over the speed limit in fourth, with ease! I normally have it in top (4th) by the time I'm doing about 60 - 70 km/h and just leave it there...

They're a fantastic little car and run on the smell of an oily rag! I get about 450km out of the 30ltr tank, around town!!!

Happy cruising!


23rd Jul 2006, 22:17

Where can I get high performance motors like japanese imports, or what can I do to my 92 model fiori en08 motor?

No outrageous posts, but more realistic mods.


8th Aug 2006, 05:18

Hi everyone, I have just bought a red 92 fiori and she runs great!!! It runs like a breeze, although I still haven't worked out the choke!!! It takes no petrol and is easy to park! Does anyone have any hints for starting with the choke? I have had the car for just over a week and cannot start it up smoothly in the morning. Oh well I will get the hang of it one day. But yeah I love the car!!! One last quick question, does anyone know if you can get a taco for the fiori.


14th Aug 2006, 06:53

Hey Bec,

You shouldn't have any trouble starting with the choke, mine only needs a little choke on a cold morning. If you are having trouble it may indicate a problem somewhere else.

I am still driving my blue machine, I have owned it for about 3 years now and it hasn't missed a beat, for reliability it is one of the best cars I have owned.

Someone mentioned rear brakes in an earlier post, I did a complete rear brake overhaul when I bought mine, they are really straight forward and I only needed specialist help with rebuilding the slave cylinders.

It rocks to see you guys are into these little cars. I can't wait to see someone actually do the vivo transplant. Please post some photos if you do.


23rd Aug 2006, 19:15

To Bec who hasn't yet worked out the starting procedure of her Fiori. I have a Fiori which I bought new in 1992 and have since covered over 350,000 kms in it. As long as the engine is in a good state of tune and the correct starting procedures are followed, the Fiori will always start first time every time. The starting procedures are as follows:

1. When starting the first time (with a cold engine) pull the choke fully out.

2. Turn on the ignition key until the ignition lights are on and you can hear the fuel pump ticking.

3. Wait for a few seconds until the fuel pump stops ticking and then fully turn the ignition key to start the engine. Do not push the accelerator pedal. The engine should start immediately.

4. Once the engine has started wait for about 30 seconds and then push the choke in one click.

5. Commence driving and after a short distance (about one or two kms) push the choke in another click.

6. Push the choke fully in as soon as the choke light appears.

No choke is required to start when the engine is warm, but I suggest you wait a few seconds until the fuel pump stops ticking before fully turning the ignition key to start the engine. Again, do not push the accelerator pedal when starting the engine.

Hope this advice is helpful to you.