7th Jan 2009, 06:27

Hey guys, I've got my 1990 Fiori, and I was wondering if anyone knew what engines drop straight in with the least amount of hassle?


My email is u_nv_me85@hotmail.com

11th Feb 2009, 05:00

The in dash speaker covers have a clip at the top (nearest windscreen). Gently work a flat head screw driver in between the cover and the dash and they will pop out quite easily, don't force them or they'll break and you'll have a bugger of a time replacing them.


24th Mar 2009, 06:44

Hi, I'm john.

I'm from Adelaide and just bought a Fiori, 4speed. I need to know what mag wheels will fit it without any mods..

Will changing the intake to a pod filter give me anymore oomph..

What else would anyone suggest I can do to make this little beast better with minimal alterations? I don't want to be changing engines.


30th Mar 2009, 19:53


Hey all, I own a red 1990 Fiori 4 speed, got it 2 years ago when I was 17 off a teacher at school. It's never had anything wrong with it, and it's only has 80,000kms on clock and still going fine. I've just bought another one off ebay, and I'm picking it up in a few days. The new one will only be used for parts, but it works fine and only I'm only paying 200$ BARGAIN! So if you need any parts I don't need drop me an email.


I plan on fixing up my little red one. Got to replace my two front sider fenders and a smashed headlight and tail light. Then I might put some new seats, steering wheel, window tint, bigger wheels, new exhaust, nothing too loud and showy, but just to make it sound a little cleaner and fatter. And if I've got some extra cash, I want to get a respray and detail. It's got a lot of dings and scratches :(

So yeah, if you've got any ideas, I need them, but nothing too flashy, I just want something that looks nice and clean.

It's going to be a waste of money, but it's something to fill my spare time.

Cheers, Tim.

30th Mar 2009, 21:14

It's Tim again. Thought I would post a photo. Just go to this web address!!


18th Apr 2009, 05:15

I have a 1992 Fiori with the EN08 in it.

Not a bad little zippy car. One thing I have noticed lately is the car seems to flat spot some times or hesitate, especially when going around a corner. Could this be the carby? However at a constant speed on the highway for example it is fine.

Any help would be great!


6th May 2009, 14:47

I owed a 1992 Subaru M80/Fiori 4 door 5 seater, 5 speed gearbox. Look small outsides, but spacious inside. A great reliable car, I have been driving it for three years without any engine problem. It has a lot power to climb hills and overtake.

The minor problems is like the rear brake drum make noise sometimes. When coming to stop like when you press the brake sometimes, it feels like it wants shut off. This only happens when going at a speed of four miles per hour, especially when going a round corner. (4 mph)

People you can fit it with 13 inch rims 185 60 13 inch if you want to. But check your Garage mechanic first

Can contact me at sleekchris@yahoo.com if you want to ask me question about the car.

I live in Jamaica.

11th Jun 2009, 23:05

I have a Fiori. I love it!

Only problem I have with it - I tried to change the lock knobs recently, which had both perished. When I unscrewed the knob, the locking pin mechanism fell into the door out of reach. I can't seem to find a way into the door interior to feed it back up through the hole. There just doesn't seem to be a way.

Can anyone help?


14th Jun 2009, 04:12

Hey, about the locking knobs? I've got the same problem with mine, but I ain't got any new ones yet. You've got to unscrew the inside handle and some of the interior padding, and then you just stick a screwdriver in the top and you will hear it pop and just work your way along, and it will keep popping out of its joints, but you will only have to do a few to get to the locking system and you just push it back up. Hahaha, such a crap system, but I love Fioris.

10th Aug 2009, 01:32

Does anyone know what the dwell angle is for these?

I know what the points gap is, but I would like to set by dwell instead.


30th Nov 2009, 04:26

I had the same problem with the locker knobs. I just fished it out with a coat hanger bent into a little hook.

There's a bit of noise in the front and rear suspension. Are there any common problem that may be causing this?


1st Feb 2010, 20:50

Hi Subaru Fiori M80 owners.

I have been searching the net for a left hand door handle, tie rod ends and rubber boots on front and rear springs. Could someone direct me to a supplier?

Thanks, Bob.

19th Apr 2010, 03:14

A lot of parts are still available from Subaru parts retailers. Although these parts can be expensive, it is sometimes the only way to obtain them. Otherwise you could try scouring Subaru wreckers. Parts do pop up from time to time.

22nd Apr 2010, 22:24

YAY the Fiori! Bought a 91 "little red car" cos it was cute. Not a sound reason to buy a vehicle, but it delivers in fun (watch me put it in THERE!), economy and surprisingly comfortable for what it is. I can get 4 crates of veges in the back with a bit of other stuff or 240kg wheat, no worries.

I live out of Broome, W.A. so the windows are rarely up. This would account for 120k max sped. Did a 1400k trip the other week, cruising about 100 most of the time. Only glitch, new rotor button & cap had to come from Japan, but at least they came.

15th May 2010, 20:37

Well fellow Fiorians, I am sad to say that after 8 years of faithful service, I have sold my little Fiori. Freddy has gone.

In the time I owned him, I had no problems whatsoever. Freddy was serviced regularly and he re-paid me with his loyalty.

Unfortunately he had to go as I needed a ute.

Thanks for the good times Freddy. :-)

2nd Aug 2010, 06:47

Has anyone heard of a Fiori having 2 exhausts? I have a 91 Fiori, and it has 2 exhausts and they aren't normal; they don't go to the back of the car, rather they end before the rear wheels, and bend out to the side about an inch or 2 short of the side of the car?? Is this normal on them, or has something been done to alter this one? I only recently noticed after purchasing it, thanks.

24th Aug 2010, 07:50

Hi, does anyone have a workshop manual for the Subaru Fiori?

8th Sep 2010, 02:02

I have just purchased a 91 model Fiori with 145k on clock. I bought it off the web from a dealer in Melbourne, had it delivered to my place which is about 370 kms from Melbourne.

She is a little beauty. All the books, nice alloy wheels, the body and interior are in excellent condition, we only needed a small shopping basket to save using our diesel Citroen C5 most days, just for doing local shopping 6-10 kms 5 days a week. Everything works fine including the air conditioning.

I am very pleased with it. I will get a local mechanic to go over it and give it a good service. I have owned about 10 Subies over the years, 3 oOutbacks, about 4 l series, a Forrester and a couple of Liberties. None of them ever let me down.

I hope the Fiori does the same, hope to see more posts in the future.