18th Sep 2006, 19:30

Hi there thankyou for that post on how to start the fiori. I have got it running quite nicely now. :) I have put roof racks on the little beast now, so that I can carry my kayak around. It is quite funny to see my little red car with a HUGE kayak on its roof, OK the kayak isn't that big it is only slightly longer than the car :). But it runs quite well and I am taking it in for a service tomorrow. YAY


20th Nov 2006, 01:37

Hey another Fiori owner in SA!!! There are quite a few Fiori's roaming around our state. There is a little black one with pink mags, a green one and I have seen 3 other red Fiori's as well as my little red beauty!!! How does the back seat fit into the car? Quite interested, in getting a back seat. catchya later Bec.

26th Jan 2007, 00:51

Hey all, I am just about to embark with my lil fiori on it's longest trip yet... I am a bit nervous, but it should be OK... I am heading off to Bendigo to study for the next three years. I will be driving from Adelaide to Bendigo a good 650km trip. I will be doing it over two days, has anyone else done a big trip in one of these little cars. My fiori is packed with my gear so it is a bit heavier than normal, which might stop its movement on the road a bit. Anyways if anyone else has any experience with long trips could you let me know thanks. Bec.

1st Feb 2007, 03:58

Bec your on a good thing there, I'm a mechanical tech, the fiori is one of the best cars ever made. i love mine heaps!hope all goes well with yours. just maintain it.

12th Feb 2007, 03:37

Hey I made it to Bendigo from Adelaide (see earlier post) the little car made it fine!!! I even hit 110kmh on the downhill. I mostly sat at 90kmh, but sat at 100kmh for a considerable part of the journey. I was quite surprised that I was able to sit at 100kmh. The only problem that I had with the journey was when the semis overtook me (how embarrassing) and there was a fair amount of wind pull, but I made it up there safely and on 1 and 1/2 a tank ($40), how good is that??? The other good part of the journey was that all of my gear fit in the boot and on the roof racks quite well. I haven't seen any Fiori's in Bendigo yet, but my eyes are kept peeled. Catchya all later.


12th Feb 2007, 09:57

Fair play to ya Bec, have faith and the Fiori won't let you down. It's great to finally find some other scrappy lovers. I'd love to see pics of what people have done to their cars; mine's had a paint job and sound system, but I plan to build one someday. Don't worry about the wind pull, I've had side on gusts of wind while screaming down the motorway at 135kmph, and the little 12 inch tyres haven't come unstuck yet.

Other names for the Fiori are; Signet/M80 in Ireland, Mini Jumbo in Europe, and Viki/Rex in Singapore.

27th Mar 2007, 09:48

I have just acquired a Subaru m80. At first seeing the the little car I did n`t want it, because I'm a tall person, but when I look into the M80car the car was very spacious inside. So I sit down inside very comfortable, and it was in a good condition so I bought it. It is a 1992 Model. It is fast,but slow when moving off.1st and 2nd is slow, but when you are 3rd and 4th and then 5th gear it will speed. I drove mine in 5 gear on the highway and I reach speed up to 70mph, but I didn`t want to take the little car at higher speed than that. Although it did n`t feel light, I want get front end check first.

8th Apr 2007, 02:48

Hi, my brother has just purchased a 89 Subaru Fiori Hatch back, but requires some engine work, I am looking to get a workshop manual on this car, but have no luck to date, is there anything else this car could have been called in other countries that have an identical engine/drive assembly etc?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)


15th Jun 2007, 01:41

Hi I have a Subaru Fiori 90 model for sale its not registered, but I have gotten it a blue slip yesterday so its ready to go and it has brand new tyres and brakes and has 182000 km's on the clock.


3rd Jul 2007, 19:58


I have two of these great little cars. After years of European sports and large luxury cars with all the associated needless expense I have to say I more attached to these little bargains! We started with one as a runabout for the family, but soon realised everyone wanted to use it and wouldn't share! I must admit they do go a lot faster than some of the postings claim - the thought of very little crash protection keeps us all in check. I would love to get an A/C system for at least one of them. Any suggestions? and how does it perform with one fitted and are they effective? Thanks, Happy motoring from Fiori Fury and Mighty Mouse!

13th Sep 2007, 16:05

Hello to everyone! I'm from Greece and I own a skoda octavia rs 180hp. I'm very interested to buy one of those little cars! It seems so nice... I must get one quickly! I'll treat it nice and smooth! This cars is made for city movement. I'm against people who take it and rally with it. RESPECT to Japanese little monsters! Peace!

26th Nov 2007, 15:34

I have purchased another car, a Ford Festiva, I could not believe my eyes when I saw how much it cost to fill up. I realised how cheap it is to fill a Fiori now. Not that my new car is really expensive, it is still relatively cheap, but in comparison. Anyway keep your Fioris running well, they are great little cars.


18th Apr 2008, 05:13

Hi Fiorians.

I am going to look at a '92 Fiori with 71000 on the clock. The owner wants $3000 for it. Is this a good/fair price? Does anyone know if it has a catalytic converter?



2nd May 2008, 02:16

Hi Marco.

71k kms is good if they are genuine, $3k is probably up ther a bit, it would want to be in top condition. Yeah they do have a cat.



4th May 2008, 00:28

Hi. I bought the Fiori. What a great little car. Amazing build quality. Can anyone help please - I need to replace the old speakers and can't work out how to get the covers on the dashboard off.

15th Oct 2008, 10:05

Hi I live in Greece, and I just bought an M80, and a week later my water pump went off. I tried to find one here in Europe and it's impossible. I would like to ask if anyone could help me with it, the part No is: 21111-KA024, it's a 1990 model.

Subaru in Japan does not have the part and they told me here that they are thinking of not making any more parts for the M80 any more.

Please if any one knows anything to help out. I would really appreciate it; even a used part would be fine.

My email is: ktheofilos@hahoo.gr