16th Sep 2010, 03:58

I have just purchased a 91 model Fiori.

We just needed a shopping buggy to do about 50/60 ks a week instead of using our bigger car all the time. She only does the longer trips now.

I bought it from a dealer in Melbourne for $1500, it may seem a lot but she is in excellent condition. It sailed through the RWC no problems. She is stock standard, except for a nice set of cast alloy wheels and a radio/CD.

I think it's a great little car, runs on the smell of an oily rag, has reasonable storage room in the back, plus it has all its books and a few receipts for things that have been done.

It all works fine great for a 19 year old car, to finish up I have owned about 10 Subs previously, always had a good run with them.

20th Sep 2010, 04:09

I've got a 1989 SL Fiori. It's got 230 on the clock, but goes good after I ripped the 700cc out and dropped in a 1L turbo motor. I've got 123kw @wheels, I've got 145/45/15 all the way around, Evo3 front coils, 91 BMW rear shocks, 6 15inch subs, 4 mono blocks and 3 batts.

12th Oct 2010, 04:45

I have a 92 Fiori. Need a hi low beam blinker switch. Ta, Mark 0415237503

17th Nov 2010, 01:34

I have a 91 Fiori and love it have had it for 18 months now, but now I want more power. :)

A couple of posts up a guy said he put a 1L turbo engine in and got 123kw, what engine did you use and did you have any dramas?

17th Mar 2011, 07:19

Hello, I just bought a 91 Fiori recently, but it blows a lot of smoke and has a loud tappet sound when I rev it. I was just wondering, would anyone know the engine rebuild specifications of this motor, or would anyone think it would be a good idea for me to buy a 2nd hand motor? Keen on doing that, just scared that it might be still smoking...

18th Mar 2011, 08:13

Hey mate, just wondering what kind of engine did you fit in the car?

28th May 2011, 23:44

Hey, did you ever find any place to buy engines?? I've been told that due to a law in Japan, cars over 30 000km can't be re registered, therefore you can buy new blocks off the shelf. Any help??

22nd Jul 2011, 20:12

Kiora from NZ, I have a similar problem. Was wondering if you found a source for re your water pump?

12th Sep 2011, 08:23

My email is afkheine@optusnet.com.au.

I have a Subaru Fiori 1992, and have an electrical problem with this car. I made a booboo, trying to connect the negative line of the blower (for convenience, switchable inside), but accidentally connected it (engine running) to what I believe is a service plug under the right side dash (4 wires connected one earth black, one white with black line I touched and the engine went out immediately). Now the car is very hard to start and will not idle, but run only with the accelerator pushing at high revs., dying immediately after reducing acceleration.

I guess that something might be damaged on the CCT board in the box near the service plug, a Denso 22616ka070 marking. Unfortunately, none of the components on the board or the box marking is recognised (seeking the web).

It would help if I had a schematic CCT for this car, but it also seems to be futile to look for.

I need to know what actually does what before I can proceed trying to fix it. Local services do not service that kind of car any more.

Please help if you can.

Regards, Frederic from Melb.

18th Sep 2011, 00:24

I have a Subaru Fiori, and had no trouble with it for 4 years, but after shortening the wrong wire, the car does no more work in idle mode. I guess that the control board has a fault (the controller chip). The controller board has Denso 061700-2939 or 22616ka070 on the box.

Can you help please...

Frederic Afkheine@optusnet.com.au

10th Nov 2011, 22:58

Hi Mal.

I own a Subaru Sherpa M70, and I need some help with the camshaft & crankshaft alignment. Can you explain on how to align them correctly to obtain maximum power? I have just changed my water pump, and the power has reduced ever since then. I suspected that I may have not aligned the crank and cam shaft properly. Your help in this matter will be very much appreciated! Ta!


17th Nov 2011, 01:24

Hi, how you manage to put on 15" inch wheels? And what type of engine did you put in?

27th Nov 2011, 20:57

Hi Raj, sorry I can't help with your question. Could you tell me where you got your water pump from, & was it easy to fit?

Thanks from sunny Cairns Aus.

4th Jan 2012, 15:46

I am the proud owner of a 1990 Fiori, which has done just 70000 Ks. It is a 4 speed, and I have decided to fit a 5 speed gearbox, and replace the clutch plate and timing belt while I have the engine out. Question is, are the gearboxes sealed in manufacture? There appears to be no oil plug or filler on the gearbox, although there is on the diff. A Subaru dealer service dept said the gearbox holds 2.3 litres of oil, but the diff filler will only take 1 litre, and there appears no obvious way to fill or empty the gearbox oil. Any ideas?

19th Jan 2012, 21:35

Hi all. I have a 92 Ace (Fiori), the 0.8L big block engine (EN08).

I note a few people have asked, and I see no replies, but does anybody know at all where to source a water pump for one of these?


21st Jan 2012, 23:32

Hi David Gould.

Got your email, and if you need help in any specific way, I will do my best to do so.

I fixed my problem, but not because of any help given by anyone on this car survey...

I just got rid of the controller card altogether, put the petrol-pump on permanently, and also connected the solenoid in the 2nd C. permanently.

Bingo, works like a charm.

Personally I think the electronic controller card is an over-design. The petrol pump is working most of the time anyway, and the solenoid I am referring to is switching on as soon as the car is up to normal running temperature.

One point I'd like to make also: "the temp. sensor is set too high", so I put it on manual, that is the fan on off switching.

Otherwise, the car is running too hot, especially in a bumper to bumper situations.

Good luck David.

23rd Jan 2012, 21:58

I am currently going through the exercise of suspension upgrades on my 2000 Fiori. After reading your comments, I found it very interesting, knowing genuine parts are nonexistent. Have you more valuable information in regards to nolathane bush replacement?


9th Feb 2012, 06:47

I am desperate to get a set of rear shock absorbers for my 1992 Subaru Fiori - can anyone help?

12th Mar 2012, 01:43

I am looking for a right hand headlight for a 1991 Subaru Fiori. Can anyone help?

29th Apr 2012, 21:13

My Fiori is a 1992, and I just replaced the rear wheel bearings. Easy job, and new bearings are readily available from any bearing supplier, e.g. CBC. The numbers are 6203zz (small outer) and 6205zz (large inner). The suffix zz doesn't matter; it indicates that the bearing is prepacked and fitted with seals on both sides, so could be rr or another suffix.

In answer to the "car running hot" problem, have you checked that the lever on the throat of the air cleaner is on the summer setting? If it is on the winter setting, it causes the intake air to be drawn over the exhaust manifold to pre-heat. Other causes are malfunctioning thermostat and incorrect ignition timing.