2004 Subaru Forester X 2.5 from North America


Excellent SUV


Rattle in the front passenger door when the volume is turned up on the radio.

Bad brakes.

Dings easily in the parking lot.

General Comments:

This car has been really good to me, it has not had any major or minor problems yet. The is great on gas mileage and the ride is really smooth, the car handles good OK on performance. One thing bad is the service it seems like the people ignore you on certain problems and are kind of rude also. Overall a really good SUV, I would definitely recommend Subaru to anybody and I would buy one again.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2005

2004 Subaru Forester XS 2.5 from North America


This car does what it's advertised to do, safely and economically


The doors seem to get parking lot dings more easily than any other car I've owned. It may be because this car is black and they are more visible. Would never buy another black car.

Windshield got cracked after impact with small rock, expensive to replace.

General Comments:

Generally a great handling vehicle. It feels better than most sedans yet I have a better (higher) seating position. Great visibility. My average mileage over the last 9 months is 8.9 liters/100km (approx 28mpg US) This includes driving in snow and a fair amount of trailer towing.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2005

2004 Subaru Forester X 2.5 from North America


Poor warranty service on a low quality car


Numerous rattles, squeaks, and creaks coming from radio area on dash, door for the CD storage, console near transmission shifter, glove box, and front passenger door. I asked two dealers three times to fix these annoying rattles which could be heard at parking lot speeds on smooth roads. Not a single rattle was ever eliminated.

Grinding and rattling noise coming from front of car when pulling into parking spaces. The dealers claim they never hear the noise which happens every time I drive it.

Leaking wheel bearing grease visible on front wheel lug nuts. This started as soon as the vehicle was purchased. The dealer claims this is normal. I have never owned a car that has done this.

Abrupt shifting automatic transmission during light throttle use. Also, hunts constantly between 3rd and 4th gear in city driving. Dealer claims this is normal.

General Comments:

This 2004 Forester is a rattle trap with bad front wheel bearings and the dealer is, in my opinion, trying to put off the repairs until after the warranty expires. My 95 Legacy also had a bad front wheel bearing and the dealer tried every excuse not to replace it claiming the noises were normal, etc. One time I was in the service department and I overheard that three Foresters were all getting their wheel bearings replaced. This car is not as reliable as Consumer Reports claims and I will never purchase another Subaru. The warranty is useless since Subaru appears to not want to honor it or repair problems with the car. Note that they only repair wheel bearings out to 3 years/36K miles and not the 5 years/60K miles of the power-train warranty. Buyer Beware.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2005

10th Sep 2005, 17:14

Buyer Beware? Yeah, okay... Sure...

@shifting? Its constantly hunting in city driving between 3rd and 4th? My impreza does that too. IF you drive at 40 with light throttle. The reason for this that the engine under light pedal shifts AT 40mph. So stay at forty and it will hunt continually.

7th Jul 2006, 22:39

I also had wheel bearing and front disc brake problems with my Subaru. Front wheel disc rotors went bad at just 14K miles and wheel bearings went out at 30K. Trying to get the Subaru dealer to give me a warranty service claims was horrible. They fought me all the way thru even with an extended 7yr/70K warranty that I purchased. I had to call Subaru Corporate and complain to 3 people 2 hours on the phone trying to find someone who knew something, and then only did I get warranty service approved. Subaru factory dealerships are without doubt the WORST car service people on the planet. I will NEVER buy another Subaru piece of garbage ever again. 2007 Honda Accord here I come!

17th Jul 2006, 19:41

For the hunting auto tranny, actually almost every 4-at tranny will do that. I test drove a Subaru Forester, an Impreza, all they do is hunt for gears, and you should notice it the first time you test drive it. This is actually due to the AWD system that requires a bit slipping for the wet clutch when engaging, but yes I agree, all it does is not comfortable, thus I bought a 5-spd manual Impreza instead of a 4-at.

31st May 2011, 04:10

Thanks for the review, I was considering buying a Forrester, but having read several negative consumers reviews, I will steer away.

14th Nov 2017, 05:01

I consider that you will be making a mistake by not buying that car... trust me...