2007 Subaru Forester Sports XT 2.5L turbo from North America


Good traction in winter and performance, but have repeated failures in secondary air system


Have had the right secondary air combination valve go out at 35,000, left secondary air combination valve go out at 45,000, and again the left secondary air combination valve go out at 65,000, which is my current mileage. The dealer also tells me the secondary air pump is whining and probably will need replaced soon. Each one of these repairs was $800. The parts are expensive.

When these secondary air failures occur, the check engine light comes on, cruise control flashes & vehicle dynamic control turns off. The car is still drivable and you cannot tell there is a problem - the only indication is the engine light is on.

The secondary air system only functions after a cold start to inject air in the exhaust for about 30 seconds - emission control, which does not do much in my opinion - Subaru should redesign the part.

From some other comments I have seen on the Internet, this is a common failure on the XT. Seems like Subaru missed the boat on designing these parts, and replacing them is expensive.

I thought the replacement parts would last longer, but they don't. Also original tires wore out pretty fast at 15,000 miles - Geolanders were terrible on traction also.

General Comments:

Like the car. Performance is pretty good. Not great.

Mileage varies from 20 miles/gal to 23 miles/gal. Expected a little better mileage, but I do have the turbo.

Sometimes just a little hesitation when cold.

Seems like mileage does not seem to improve for highway driving.

Pretty good in snow if you have the right tires. Although I have got stuck in snow once, I like the traction. Also I like the vehicle dynamic control for winter. Seems to work to straighten the car out when the back end starts to fishtail.

Sure wish Subaru would fix the secondary air issue. I got the Gold Plus service contract, so the first 2 failures were covered under this service contract. The third failure was not, although I contacted Subaru and they are going to refund 50%. I don't want to have to replace these combination valves every 20,000 miles.

Not sure whether I would buy another turbo model. The Sports XT looks good though.

Road noise is loud at highway speed, but I can live with it.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2015

27th Jun 2015, 03:04

The emissions warranty on this car is very long. I think it is at least 75k miles or greater.

Any part of the emission system is covered.

I would contact your Subaru regional service manager about these failures.

They should be fixing this for free.

27th Jun 2015, 14:32

This seems to be the car of choice up in the Northeast. Subaru models are everywhere in my state.

30th Jun 2015, 00:39

Unfortunately, according to the EPA website, only major emission control components are covered for 8 years and 80K miles. This included the cat converter, ECU and OBD. Most other emission components are covered for 2 years, 24K miles.


22nd Mar 2017, 03:59

An update on this problem - had another failure in the secondary air system in March 2017. Code on the scanner was P1410. Contacted Subaru and they may help with the cost, but very disappointed since this is the 4th failure in the secondary air system since I owned the car. These failures are occurring less than 2 years apart, and just before I have to have it E-checked. Like the car, but hate all these failures. However, even with these failures, you can't tell the difference in the way the engine runs. Would like to just run with the CEL on, but have to get E-checked in my region and the CEL comes back on after resetting the code with the autoscanner, so it won't pass the E-check.

2007 Subaru Forester from North America


Junk with a $900.00 REPAIR BILL


Right front wheel bearing went out at 60000 miles.

My A/C compressor, according to a Subaru tech, is going out. It seems to me that if this is not a regular occurrence, then the compressor is defective. The corporate office doesn't respond.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2012

1st Aug 2012, 13:01

So what exactly makes this car junk? That it needs $900 worth of work at 122,000 miles? That doesn't sound catastrophic to me, considering the costs of repairs these days.

If an A/C compressor and a wheel bearing are the worst of the issues you've had with this car, it sounds like you subscribe to the thinking that all vehicles should come with a lifetime warranty, or you believe that all machines never break.