2009 Subaru Forester X 2.5 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Overall, the Forester is a good car, but cost cutting is evident in this model


Fogging up to rear light.

Some rattles at the front and rear.

General Comments:

Good handling, but rear suspension is quite noisy.

4 speed transmission is not smooth.

The engine is more powerful compared to the previous model, but still sluggish and noisy. I have to use premium fuel to make it perform more efficiently.

Paint coating easily scratched or chipped, especially around door handle recess areas.

Door handles feel cheap. The previous Forester has door handle protector.

Seats are uncomfortable, just like the previous model.

This new Subaru now feels more like a Korean soft roader; the quality and the sharpness of the previous model are now gone.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2011

20th Sep 2013, 02:15

This is an update. I wrote the review above.

I already sold my 2009 Forester X only after two years of ownership due to annoying rattle problems, faulty rear suspension and below average performance overall. This is a warning to those thinking of buying a Subaru; rattle problems with Subarus in most cases cannot be fixed.

I'll never buy any Subaru products again until they improve the quality of their cars. It is no wonder that Mazda is now outselling Subaru.

2009 Subaru Forester X 2.5 from North America


I'm disappointed, because the attention to details is lacking for, "Made In Japan"


Front & rear passenger side door is misaligned when I picked up the new vehicle.

Hood was not adjusted properly. During highway speeds, the hood would bounce up and down. I actually thought it was going to fly off.

Door and or window seal is on the driver's side is defective. I feel like I have a big sea shell on my ear when I'm in the driver's seat.

General Comments:

The handling is good on the Forester.

Fuel efficiency can use some improvements.

The bucket seats are OK. As for the rear, it would have great if the back seat could slide back and forth like the RAV 4.

When the rear seats fold down there is a downward slant to the rear door. It would have been better if the cargo was true flat.

I upgraded to the Limited model and got the HID lights. It's nice, but it over powers the fog lights. You end up with nice bright headlights and dull pale looking fog lights.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2011

2009 Subaru Forester XS 2.5 from Australia and New Zealand


Does the job, good to drive (anywhere)


Only thing wrong with the car was the tow cable plastic burnt through and shorted a fuse. So could not go into reverse. The first dealer just replaced the fuse, which did not solve the problem. Was fixed the second time around with some electrical tape.

General Comments:

This is a company lease car that I choose over a Nissan X Trail. Felt a lot more stuck to the road when driving.

I do heaps of driving to the snow (up mountain roads) and surfing in summer, so it's great to have the 4x4 - feel pretty safe when larger 4x4s are struggling with grip.

The car safety pretty much saved my life; I was cut off the road and had to brake in the wet; the car kept perfectly straight at 100km and went off the road, down a bank - drove the car back - although the alignment was out.

DEALER sucked - took 3 weeks to get a replacement door.

Passing speed is pretty weak - handles okay up to 7/10, then starts to wobble.

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Review Date: 10th July, 2010

2009 Subaru Forester X 2.5 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Good, but not perfect


Scratches easily.

General Comments:

First new car I've ever owned. Many good points and many bad ones. Still very new so hasn't broken down, no rattles etc.

Paint isn't durable.

The big issues are the gearbox and fly by wire throttle.

The gearbox is notchy and the gate vague.

The throttle is dangerous. Come off the pedal and the revs die when the computer is good and ready, so if you're on a slippery gravel road and using engine braking to slow into corners, you may find you're carrying too much speed. To its credit, the VDC traction system is very good and the car is more capable off road than I expected from a school run car.

It's roomy inside and the seats are better than most others in class. Suspension isn't as tooth loosening as the RAV and Tiguan, and roll isn't too bad for a high car.

I would be much happier if I'd paid the $2k extra for the auto.

Subaru dealers are hard to deal with in Aus, but I managed to get 9% off retail. You'll get 10% off the higher spec ones.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2010

24th Aug 2011, 00:21

Update. I wrote the review above.

I wouldn't buy another Subaru. As with other posts, mine has started to rattle. The paint is criminal. The gearbox has improved slightly in forward gears, but reverse is still stupidly hard to select. 3 point turns are a nightmare. The pitching is annoying also.

I am so fed up, I've looked into getting rid of it and buying something else, but that will cost me a fortune. I am not sure what else I'd buy either. I need a tow car.

I wish the new Ford Falcons weren't such rubbish, and the dealers weren't such criminals. I miss my 95 Fairlane. Should have restored it rather than wasting money on this car.