2009 Subaru Forester 2.5X Premium 2.5L 4 cylinder from North America


An affordable, fun and comfortable car to own and drive


Minor rattle occasionally in the area where the moon roof retracts into. This goes away when the roof is retracted and closed again. Will look into it further, but my guess is that it simply a loose clip or something similar.

General Comments:

Subaru finally listened to its customers and has lengthened the Forester to add almost 4 inches of legroom for the back passengers. They maintained the fantastic gas mileage while increasing horsepower and torque slightly. This car is quieter, more comfortable and spacious than previous Forester models. They also lowered the price from last year by nearly $1200 U.S.

Did I mention that it is incredibly smooth and fun to drive?

I owned the 97 Forester when it was first introduced in the U.S. and kept it for 3 years before I had to get rid of it because the leg room in the back was prohibitive for my then 7 year old daughter. Other than that, the 97 Forester, while being a bit homely, was a flawless performer. This included as far as reliability went as well.

When I heard the 2009 would increase the leg room, I immediately went out and drove one. Much to my surprise Subaru completely redesigned the car inside and out, as well as in the suspension, and with changes to the mechanical features also. The back seat has plenty of room for me and my long-legged family to sit in comfort with room to spare before our knees touch the back of the front seats in the fully pushed back position.

They also now allow the back seats to recline 4 inches back (the earlier models' suspension did not allow for this).

The overall size is slightly larger while holding on to it's "car" status (which really helps with insurance costs).

The reliability of the Forester (still built in Japan) has been constantly in the "above average" category and I expect this one to be the same.

I will post more as we put more miles on it, but I am delighted to have the privilege of posting the first review of the 2009 Subaru Forester.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2008

8th Aug 2008, 19:59

Thanks for sharing. I actually just test drove the Forester and I am very interested in it. How many miles per gallon are you getting on your Forester? Thanks.

12th Aug 2008, 23:22

I've got a new Forester and average 27 MPG and can push 30 MPG if I just use cruise control on the freeways. Hope that helps. Keep in mind that I drive conservatively and don't do jack-rabbit starts nor do I go past the speed limits.

9th Dec 2008, 11:39

I am a proud owner of a new 2009 Forrester Limited. I LOVE IT! I searched for a month and test drove a variety of different makes and models. On my way home, I decided to try the Subaru lot. I drove it, loved it, and bought it. I think this is the best car! It has everything. There is comfort, room, luxury, etc. without a huge price tag. I feel you pay for what you get. You might actually get a little more :)

I have only had my car for 4 days, but I love it more everytime I get into it!!!

I would definitely go with a Forrester if you are looking for a compacy SUV with luxury and reliability!

8th Jul 2009, 12:47

I bought a new 09 Subaru Forester. Love it; it handles and drives great, very sporty and the extra room in the back seat is a plus. The car sits higher too.

Still own a 02 with 120000 miles. Never a problem even with some off road abuse; sand dunes, dirt, mountain roads, never a complaint with this car.

Now the 09 3000 miles and the engine ate a rod bushing; the engine is toast, and I babied it as I usually do for the first 10000 miles. I hope the Subaru dealer replaces it properly. I still am very happy with this car and I hope this was just a fluke happening.