2009 Subaru Forester X Premium 2.5 gas from North America


Think twice before you buy it. Go with the Outback, maybe it's better


Power steering leak at the joints at 5000 miles. Dealer replaced under warranty. They said part was rejected.

Rear seat latch.

Rear door lock, won't lock it

General Comments:

I'm 6'3". The seats are really uncomfortable, they are short upper and lower section. Made for smaller people.

The car is rattles a lot. It's really annoying. Rear seat, sunroof cover, side doors, dash board where windshield meets, sun glass area, glove box rattles. I've been at the dealer several times. They can't do anything about it. They did change the rear seat latch once, but the rattles are still there.

I want to love this car because of the handling, the size, the look, the performance are great. But I've had enough. I did removed the door panels not once to fix the rattles. But come on, it's a new car with very cheap quality. I would never buy this car again.

This is my second Subaru, the first one was better; 2005 Outback.

The sound system is horrible, better you turn it off. The speakers are cheap paper quality; of course made in China. It's a shame.

The aux input isn't better; if I leave the cable connected and I turn on the headlight, the radio unit starts to make a noise, like a contact error.

This is not what I expected from this car. Too many little problems.

Now I'm trying to get rid of it and get another Toyota or Mercedes wagon. I owned both before, and never had a problem like this.

The Subi drives great on snow, great easy off road vehicle. Good gas mileage 19-29mpg

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Review Date: 14th March, 2010

22nd May 2010, 12:53

You're absolutely right. This car is cheap, cheap, cheap. Poor build quality. I'd never buy another and never recommend one. Shame on Subaru.

3rd Oct 2010, 11:40

I am forced to agree with many of your comments. My father has owned Subarus since the 80's, and his current Subaru, a 2009 Forester, seems almost like a step back in quality from his previous vehicle (a 2003 Forester, which was totaled after getting rear ended at a stoplight). Lots of cheap trim and hard plastics inside that are not wearing well, fewer storage spaces, and the leather is falling apart. And then there are the rattles... sigh.

Mechanically however, it was doing fine, but just the other day, the transmission has started to act up with a harsh 2-1 shift/lurch when coming to a complete stop... Made a call to the dealer for an appointment tomorrow, and was told that his Forester is going to be stuck with them for a while (eg. waiting for new transmission, if so diagnosed), and I would have to rent a car for the interim, because Subaru Canada no longer offers free loaners for warranty work. Fail.

2009 Subaru Forester XT P 2.5T from South Africa


Most fun 4x4 available today


Absolutely nothing. My first car ever to have "Nothing to report" at its first service.

General Comments:

This car is seriously quick and handles like it's on rails.

Thirsty if pushed above the legal limit.

Very capable off road.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2010

2009 Subaru Forester XS Premium 2.5 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Wish I'd bought the turbo


Centre console wobbles quite a bit.

General Comments:

Comfort and quiet.

Superb handling.

Engine feels under-powered. Need to rev it a bit.

Build quality is not as good as I expected.

The car had burning smell from under the bonnet for quite a while when new, due to wax in the engine bay according to the dealer.

Gear changing feels a little binding.

A pillar blocks fair a bit view.

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Review Date: 30th November, 2009

30th Dec 2009, 21:06

Just took delivery of a shiny new black XS premium... And we (my wife, 2 kids, and I) love it! We had a Ford Falcon G6E, but we had many problems with it, and the kiddies always complained about the lack of leg room back in the Ford, so we decided to get a much more practical car, and we just love it. The sunroof is a favourite, and I really like the driving position - not to high, not as low as the Falcon, and fantastic visibility! The only thing I miss about the Falcon is the power... we could get from 0-100 in about 7 seconds in it... the Forester gets there at about 9-10 seconds (which isn't bad for a SUV). I feel safe in the forester. It just feels like a really solid car.

The only gripe I have with it, is the blue interior illumination. It's a little distracting at night, and doesn't match the red dials and buttons.

Our family would definitely recommend this car to anyone looking at an compact 4X4. It's out 4th Suby (for some reason we switched to a Ford). but I can tell you, we won't be going back.

23rd Apr 2010, 00:17

I am the author of the original post and here are some updates:

1. The paint job is really terrible. The paint is so thin that any slight scratch will exposed the white inner layer.

2. The windscreen is faulty. It looks as if it has been sand-blasted when the sun light comes in from a certain angle, and I couldn't see a damn thing.

I started to really question Subaru (or Toyota Management) 's quality control process.

Very disappointed.

13th Dec 2012, 06:06

The head gasket will leak sooner with the turbo version on the 2.5. Avoid 2.5-litre Subaru engines unless your hobby is changing head gaskets.