14th Dec 2017, 15:47

Owner here - talk about good timing! A weekend of heavy snow and -11 temps just passed. The Forester was flawless, traversing any depth of snow and sheen of ice with calmness. This is a profoundly capable and well engineered car.

They say that "A camel is a horse designed by a committee". Well, this car is an extremely effective camel!

As quick as an old skool Impreza turbo, as good offroad as a Freelander, as capacious and comfy as an Avensis estate, and as ugly as a bowling shoe; this is a really strange collection of assets.

I am very much liking it so far though.

20th Jan 2018, 19:41

Owner here again.

Had some niggles with this Foz. A gasket in the A/C system had failed; front drop links seized, a rear half shaft failed. According to the specialist independent garage, it's a GOOD example but it has been standing for too long.

It rides and steers miles better now. Hope nothing else goes, else it will be a flippin' expensive car to run!

3rd Apr 2018, 18:19

Original poster here again.

Now done 6000 miles. Can't be faulted really. It's a real Swiss army knife car. Tough, capacious and rugged off road, yet quite and comfy on it.

A bit boring, not gonna lie, but just so darn competent.

7th Apr 2018, 15:37

Thanks for the regular updates. Only thing I'd say is the mileage is a bit low for a 10 year old car - I believe its real test will be when you reach 100,000 miles - hopefully there will be no major problems if you look after the car correctly.

The 1990s Subarus were famously reliable even after that mileage; let's hope your more modern 2008 car proves to be the same a couple of years down the line.

1st May 2018, 20:15

Yes indeed - My Scooby expert said that regular use with good maintenance is what these cars crave. Mine had been standing for much too long. Loosening up now though and I've pretty much sorted all the duff parts.

Did a long motorway journey today. It's not a bad place to be if you don't go too quickly. Sat at 75 the airy cabin is comfy, visibility is excellent and the car is reasonably quiet.

Needs an oil change soon.