5th Feb 2018, 11:24

We have had 3 manual trans models as well and concur!

5th Feb 2018, 22:23

What is 100% reliability -- never left you stranded? No unscheduled maintenance, ever?

6th Feb 2018, 10:21

Never was stranded. Did perform scheduled routine maintenance just like anybody else. Never even had a flat. Kept good rubber on the road. We realize that any car can fail tomorrow if you want to be a pessimist Some vehicles have more issues than others. Then factor in the owner's diligence on maintenance and driving patterns. Even terrain such as mountainous, heat or severe cold with longevity. If you maintain, even over-maintain, there’s less likelihood sitting along the road. Unless you are not watching your fuel level or texting and having an accident.

6th Feb 2018, 10:53

I would assume that would be the case, 5 Subarus, definitely had good experience enough to keep buying them. Of course, with 5 Subarus, it is also possible that the cars were kept only for a few years from new, and upgraded long before any possible breakdown could occur.

6th Feb 2018, 18:47

We don’t keep any cars long. Very fickle on what we buy. We had a few Subarus with just nothing negative to report. Then we bought other brands as well afterwards. Not a negative reason, just a change. Bringing up issues with transmissions, our Honda flagship Acura was our absolute worst with a very low odometer read. We were just at the big Philadelphia Auto Show and are shopping yet again. Nice to see the full gamut. Low end, the Kia Stinger Sport is cool. High end, there’s many.

20th Sep 2019, 02:49

Subaru had plenty of serious problems with rust, oil consumption, head gaskets and transmissions going south. Just search on forums. Not to mention poor initial quality ratings in the industry https://www.autonews.com/sales/subarus-stubborn-streak-low-us-grades. Subaru were good cars in the 90s, but since then it went downhill. Perhaps we shall read "legendary quality" more like "it's a legend". Sorry to burst your bubble, I know you like the brand and that's fine, but being a brand fan can get us to be a little optimistic sometimes - happens with all brands out there.