18th Oct 2004, 13:21

Unfortunately I have experienced low reliability with my ECM as well. Took four (4x) visits to the dealer to finally fix the problem after I demanded they replace the unit and not re-program it which was nothing more than a band-aid fix as the problem would re-occur within 5 Months. This was my first Subaru Car purchase and after this nonsense it will be my last. I wish that I had never invested in a Subaru.

Without doubt the worst mistake I have ever made in my life was purchasing one of these horrible cars! Also never before, with any other car manufacturer that I have ever owned, did I experienced the level of sheer incompetence and a we-could-not-care-less-about-you customer service attitude than what I experienced at the Subaru "Factory Authorized" Dealership Service.

16th May 2005, 07:10

Actually, owning a Ford Taurus of any model year will make you appreciate your Subaru. Ford has the same "we could care less" attitude and purposely says they can't duplicate your problem until they run your warranty out!

14th Aug 2005, 01:05

I agree with the statement about the incompetence of Subaru service. For example, the last five times I had the oil changed at the dealership they over filled the engine by about half a quart of oil. The oil level was way above the "hot" full mark and half way up the twist on the dipstick. When confronted, they would drain the excess oil out or sometimes I would do it myself. When I change it myself the level is always correct. Finally, I confronted the service writer and asked why this was always happening. He explained that the oil delivery device was always going out of calibration. I then asked why don't you check the oil level after you fill it if you know there is a problem?

Silence over the phone...

Enough said.

25th Feb 2008, 17:55

I just posted reviews of my 2000 and 2002 Forester.

The 2000 was A Lemon and I got the 2002 as a replacement. I just traded that for a Honda. No luck at all. Check engine light went on all the time with the 2000 and it bucked and stalled. They never could pin point the problem, so I got the 2002 free of charge via the Lemon Law.

The 2002 ran fine till the warranty ran out. Then the 02 sensor went bad (no big deal.) Then the right wheel bearing went ($400+) and I read this is a flaw that can happen to all four wheels.. So I started to worry.

Well, at 56K the Clutch went!! (1200!!!) NO WAY... SORRY.. its gone. I'm done with Subaru... others have had luck, not me...

8th Dec 2015, 16:25

I have two Ford Tauruses. One has 220K miles and keeps on going like a champ, I have many neighbors that have Subarus; nearly all have head gaskets gone, sitting in driveways many days, while my Taurus has never let me down.