1995 Subaru Impreza Turbo 2000 Wagon 2.0 Litre Boxer turbo from UK and Ireland


A brutally fast and reliable vehicle if properly maintained


Clutch replaced at around 82000 miles.

Cam belts (both sides on the side mounted boxer engine) and pulleys and tensioners for the cambelts, replaced due to flood damage, although the cam belts were due to be replaced anyway.

Filler for the radiator water. The plastic pipe on this goes brittle anyway after 10 years or so, but they are only about £20 for a replacement filler.

Nothing else really apart from the usual serving needs.

General Comments:

After researching thoroughly on this site, as I now do with any car I plan to buy, I decided on a 1995 (facelift model) UK Impreza Turbo 2000 Wagon (estate).

I bought it from an independent dealer with only one previous owner and full Subaru dealer service history for £3500. It had well over £10,000 worth of old receipts with it. The guy even had his windscreen wipers replaced at the dealer!

What a car! For the money you pay for these, and remember mine (220 BHP) wasn't even the WRX (270 BHP) or WRX STi (300 BHP) models from Japan, you will get a car that will blow a Porsche Boxter into the weeds!

Similar aged or even newer model BMW M3's will wilt in your exhaust heat.

If you are concerned about fuel prices or want an economical car, don't bother even thinking of purchasing one of these fuel-guzzling monsters. Reliability-wise I never had any real problems with mine, but beware - buy one with no or a sketchy service history and you will pay dearly. The engines are strong, but only if you maintain them correctly. Servicing should be around every 8000 miles.

The interior may be drab and boring, but like I always say, you are paying for the engine on this car. For around £400 I had a full stainless steel Powerflow exhaust and Dump Valve put on mine, and the difference in acceleration was unbelievable.

This is a car you will always remember, and will probably, like myself, buy another one in the future.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2008

1995 Subaru Impreza L AWD 2.2L from North America


Good car, very pleased with it


Transmission failed at 175,000 miles, required complete rebuild (torque converter fragmented). A/C pump failed at 200,000 miles. Water pump failed at 205,000 miles. Original timing belt was changed along with water pump, as well as camshaft seals.

General Comments:

The car still drives like it's new.

The power had slipped, and mileage is at very best 27 mpg on highway, 25 mpg @70 mph.

The driver's door sags a little.

Handling is good.

Alignment occasionally required, maybe annually (15,000 miles), though I'm very picky about that.

The seats are uncomfortable, but I replaced the driver's seat with one from a 1991 Legacy. Perfect fit, very supportive!

Lots of road noise.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2008

1995 Subaru Impreza L Sedan AWD 1.8L Boxer-4 cylinder from North America


The Impreza AWD Sedan is brilliant!


Thanks to neglect from the previous owner, the front camshaft oil seals and the front crankshaft oil seals needed replacing.

I replaced the front CV-shafts at 130,000 miles, just as a precautionary measure.

The car lasted 135,000 miles on the factory clutch, so I replaced it with an Exedy Stage-1 unit.

General Comments:

This car is a fantastic piece of engineering.

The Subaru All-Wheel Drive system works magnificently, and the engine is bulletproof! These cars can and will last upwards of 200,000 miles.

The stock performance can't really be measured against other cars in its class. Although it's engine, being of only 1.8 litres, isn't a racing motor by any means, this car is more fun than my previous RX-7. Straight-line power becomes a thing of the past with the Impreza, as it is meant for great cornering and agile maneuvers. Add some larger tires for grip, upgrade the intake and exhaust, and you've got a killer little rally machine!

The real mystery of why these cars are so fun lies within its design. The boxer 4 cylinder rests completely flat far down in the engine bay, and with the All-Wheel Drive system reaching to the rear of the car, the Impreza sees a low center of gravity and an ideal weight distribution.

If you're looking for practicality, look no further. A sporty fun car, All-Wheel Drive, safety from dual front Air Bags, great interior features, comfort for up to five people, and the assurance of reliability from a well-known manufacturer all at a low sticker price. What more could you ask for?

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Review Date: 21st February, 2006